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From the Archives: EML 101

The EML 101 was one of the first comercially available, portable, keyboard-based synthesizers; this one is in excellent shape and comes with its original manual, promotional material, and demo Flexidisc. It has undergone recent service, including full potentiometer replacement. It sounds fantastic! Switched on acquired this unit from the Experimental Television Center's Ralph Hocking, who bought it directly from composer Ilhan Mimaroglu, the original owner. 


Rossum Electro-Music Evolution Now Available

We are excited to begin carrying the new Eurorack modules from E-Mu's founder and design pioneer, Dave Rossum.  Rossum is a seasoned veteran in the history of synthesizers credited with innovative designs in modular synthesis, the advancement of sampling technology, and the development of SSM ICs utilized in numerous Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, and Korg synthesizers.


August Events with Switched On: Holly Herndon (4AD, RVNG Intl.) and Patricia (L.I.E.S., Opal Tapes, Spectral Sound)

Tomorrow (August, 4th 2015) in Austin, TX Holly Herndon (RVNG Intl.) will be performing at The Parish.  Switched On is proud to be a co-presenter in the event along with Transmission Events. 

From Red Bull Music Academy:

"Whether studying for her PhD at Stanford or spending all night in a Berlin techno party, Holly Herndon is obsessed with the intersection between mind and body and beat and technology. On releases like Movement and the Chorus EP, she tackles her complicated relationship with the internet, the NSA, Max/MSP software, and her own voice; creating a unique brand of cyber-pop that is equally beautiful and frightening, academic and dancefloor-ready."

Holly Herndon is considered to be at the fore front of electronic and experimental music. You may have caught her lecture for RBMA in Tokyo or read her interview on The FADER. Her music is a visionary experience that merges experimental sound design, techno, futuristic rhythms, vocal soundscapes, and fierce visuals to accompany.

See for yourself below...

Ticket Price: $15

Doors: 8PM

Austin, TX producer Corduroi opens. Check out them out here: https://soundcloud.com/corduroi

Pre-sale tickets are available to purchase HERE.

Facebook event HERE


This weekend on Saturday August, 8th we will be hosting a special in-store event with modular wizard and techno producer Patricia (Spectral Sound, L.I.E.S., Opal Tapes). Things get started at 6PM. 

Check out his tunes HERE

He also gave a fantastic demo of the recently revived Moog modular:

Later that night XNOR MEDIA and Patricia will be going late night at Tamale House East, which operates as Mexican/Peruvian restaurant by day but has been hosting some of Austin's best  house and techno events at night

Also on the bill is Austin's own Oaxaca, The Viewer, Pagan Cops, and DJ Sets by Malika and Deep Creep.

Facebook event is HERE and official flyer is below! 




Switched On in New York Times Blog

Switched On received an honorable mention in the New York Times blog as one of actor and synth enthusiast Jason Schwartzman's influences. 
The actor and musician Jason Schwartzman, who costars in the film "The Overnight," out this weekend.

From Schwartzman:
“It’s a synthesizer store in Austin. I was just in Austin and went there straight from the airport, and then stopped there again on my way back to the airport. They have beautiful synthesizers — new and old. Most music stores, there’s kind of a feeling that you shouldn’t ask to play anything. But Switched On is very for the people and everything is plugged in and armed, so anyone can play anything at any time.”

One of the many great things about operating a store front such as Switched On is the interesting people that come through to visit us. Glad we can help to inspire such a broad community of talents. Thanks Jason!

Read the full article HERE


NMASS 2015: June 11th-13th at Salvage Vanguard Theater

Switched On is proud to be a sponsor of this years NMASS


NMASS stands for New Media Art and Sound Summit and it is exactly that. Three days of electronic and experimental performances, sound installations, film screenings, and a synth meet!

NMASS takes place at the Salvage Vanguard Theater (2803 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722) 
Tickets are $40 (3-day pass) and can be purchased in-store at Switched On or directly through the NMASS site HERE. 



Switched On Arturia Clinic

Switched On is excited to announce that Arturia will be in-store to demo and discuss their diverse line of devices. Arturia will also be giving away a BeatStep sequencer and controller to a lucky attendee!
Also available to demo will be the upcoming BeatStep Pro edition with expanded connectivity, more steps, and many other features. 
Date: May 21, 2015, 4pm-6pm
Arrive anytime and it is 100% free.
Parking is on the west side of the building.
Join the Facebook Event.
The clinic will focus on the following devices: 
A modern classic and fully featured analog mono-synth.
(MiniBrutes are now discounted to $399 new as well!)
A compact follow-up to the MiniBrute. Features semi-modular patchbay and a sequencer. 
An intuitive sequencer and controller for MIDI, USB, and CV/Gate application. 

New Arrivals: April 23, 2015

Here are some of this week's new arrivals. All photos are click through links to the product pages. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition

Also make sure to check out the new firmware release for the Moog Sub37 expected to be out later this Spring. 

Korg MS-20M + SQ1 Sequencer

Korg Arp Odyssey 

Mutable Instruments Peaks

4MS Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, 4MS Quad Pingable LFO, 4MS Quad Clock Distributor

Oberheim Matrix 6

Yamaha DX7 

Fender Chroma Polaris





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