Switched On Demos | Triadex Muse & Eurorack Modular

Triadex Muse meets modular synthesis! 

We recently repaired the rare Triadex Muse for one of our clients. For those unfamiliar the Triadex Muse is an algorithm based random composition generator. It uses a sequenced set of assignable notes to generate non repeating patterns. We decided to process it through some of modular set up and give it an all new character!  
Our signal chain:
Triadex Muse-->Bubblesound Sem20 filter-->Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay-->4MS VCA Matrix-->Pittsburgh Modular Stereo Out

We are using one Bubblesound VCOb as a modulation source to the VCA Matrix and another to modulate the Sem20 filter in lowpass mode.