Vintage Synthesizers at Switched On

If you are looking for a vintage, rare, or unique synthesizer Switched On is the place. We are staffed by skilled technicians that specialize in restoring vintage synthesizers. When you buy a vintage synthesizer from Switched On you will know that it has been inspected, restored, burned in, and played by true synthesizer pros. If you are unsatisfied with an item we offer an 11-day full money back guaranteed return policy. 

Switched On currently has an incredible selection of vintage synthesizers. Here is a glimpse at some of the most noteworthy, rare, and desirable synths in all of the land. You can read more about and purchase any of these items simply by clicking on the image or title. All items have been inspected and serviced by our talented technician staff and any item can be shipped. Questions? Contact us!

EMS VCS3 "Putney" MKII                                                                                 
Price: $13,000.00

Korg PS-3200                                                                                                               
Price: $12,000.00

Only 50 of these hand-built monsters were ever made by Korg. The PS-3200 is a 48 voice polyphonic synthesizer from 1977. It has semi-modular architecture and also has patch memory!

Oberheim FVS-1 Four-Voice                                         
Price: $7,500.00

Oberheim OB-Xa                      
Price: $3,600.00

Oberheim Xpander 
Price: $2,850

Sequential Circuits T8
Price: $5,500.00

Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Price: $1,600.00

Yamaha CS-60                                                                          
Price: $3,600.00


Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter & MPG-80

Moog MultiMoog
Price: $1,850.00

Yamaha CS-01 with MIDI
Price: $399.00


Ensoniq ESQ-1
Price: $295.00







The Future Retro Swynx and Zillion

In this two part series Jered Flickinger of Future Retro gives us a thorough demonstration of the new Future Retro Zillion sequencer and the Swynx. Both of these new devices are innovative, interesting, and deep with features. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the Zillion, Swynx, or the 1x4x2 Thru Box. 

The Swynx

You can read more about the Future Retro Swynx and purchase it HERE

The Zillion
The Zillion is a new sequencer based on the rare and vintage Triadex Muse, but it is so much more than that!

You can read more and purchase the Future Retro Zillion HERE.

The 1x4x2 Thru Box
Future Retro now offers the 1x4x2 Thru Box. This box can distribute MIDI and DIN Sync to multiple devices simultaneously. This operates as an excellent companion to your Swynx or any device that sends DIN Sync or MIDI. 
You can read more and purchase the Future Retro 1x4x2 Thru Box HERE

The Bleep Labs Rad-Fi+ is Very Rad Indeed

Earlier today our friends over at Bleep Labs came out with a new video showing off some of the sounds the Rad-Fi+ breadboarding circuit is capable of. For those who missed the workshop at NMASS earlier this Summer, the Rad-Fi+ is an Arduino based digital delay effect you can breadboard.  Breadboarding allows the beginner or veteran shredder  to build circuits without having to solder a single component.

We are very pleased to say that John-Mike Reed of Bleep Labs will be revisiting the Rad-Fi+ workshop as part of a new series of educational programs at Switched On. You will leave the Rad-Fi+ workshop with a digital delay effect and some knowledge. The sounds you hear above can be yours at only $45! The workshop takes place this Sunday, July 13th from 7pm-9pm. We hope to see new and familiar faces!

Read more about the Rad-Fi+ workshop and reserve your seat HERE



Moog Sub 37 Available to Demo!

We have a special guest in the shop! A Moog Sub 37 has come to serenade us with some truly impressive features. This will only be around a couple of days so come by the shop and get a hands on preview of this new analog paraphonic synthesizer set to be shipping later this month! 


Upcoming Workshops

Switched On is very excited to announce the beginning of classes, workshops, and tutoring at our new location: 2400 E. Cesar Chavez St. Ste 200. We are currently building out a calendar of exciting topics surrounding the world of synthesis, audio production, and circuitry. You can check our scheduled classes here, and stay informed on upcoming classes, events, and inventory by signing up to our newsletter

The Moog Werkstatt-01 Workshop
Our first workshop is on July 10th, 2014 and is focused on the recently released Moog Werkstatt Synthesizer. In this workshop we will be joined by our Moog representative Jake Widgeon. We will go over assembling the Moog Werkstatt, it's features, synthesis principles that are present, potential modifications, and any questions attendees may have.  You will leave this workshop with a fully functional monosynth and an intimate knowledge of it.

You can reserve a seat one of two ways. The first includes the kit which will be waiting for you at Switched On the day of, and the second is if you have already purchased a Werkstatt and would like to join us. See links below...

Moog Werkstatt Workshop with Kit
Moog Werkstatt Workshop without Kit

Bleep Labs Summer Workshop Series: Rad-Fi Delay+ Workshop

Later that week on July 13th, 2014 we will have John-Mike Reed of Bleep Labs in the house as part of the new Bleep Labs Summer Workshop Series. Each workshop will employ different concepts of musical circuits via breadboard projects. No soldering is required and these are appropriate for any age group or skill level. The first session will be focused around a digital signal processing (DSP) device aptly called the Rad-Fi Delay+. 

Read more about the Rad-Fi Delay+ workshop...




Now In Stock: The Arturia MiniBrute SE

The Arturia MiniBrute SE has arrived! The MiniBrute SE has some aesthetic enhancements like a brushed aluminum chassis and wooden side panels, but the high note of this synth is the addition of a sequencer. The sequencer is oriented for easy breezy idea creation on the spot. If you are familiar with the Roland SH-101, Roland CSQ-600, or the Arturia Microbrute this will feel very natural to you. It features 6 Sequences with 64 steps each, 4 Swing settings, 4 Gate settings, 6 play modes. Otherwise this has all of the same hands on control, complex modulation options, and analog sound as the original. 

Supplies of the Arturia Minibrute are limited so get one while you can!

Read more and order the Arturia MiniBrute SE...

Now In Stock: Future Retro Zillion & Swynx

Switched On is now carrying two innovative new devices from Austin, TX based designer and manufacturer Future Retro. The Zillion and the Swynx. 

The Zillion

From Future Retro:
"The Zillion is a single track algorithmic MIDI sequencer based on the principles of the Triadex Muse. The Muse used counters and a shift register to generate more than a million musical melodies. The Zillion expands on these ideas to add more features and functionality, providing a zillion possibilities for you to discover."
The Zillion provides you with a way to create autonomous and aleatoric music.  You could record the midi the Zillion generates into a DAW to make a loop you wouldn't have ever thought of or link it to several devices for auto composed symphonies. See the Future Retro Mondovox...
The Zillion can inspire you in ways you wouldn't have imagined otherwise or just be a fun and immediate way to begin experimenting with melody! 
The Swynx
From Future Retro:
"The Swynx is a sync box that converts incoming MIDI messages to MIDI clock, DIN sync, CR-78 clock, and Analog clocks. In addition, the Swynx provides the ability to swing the timing of all these clock outputs and select different time signatures in real-time with the front panel controls, and can also act as a CR-78 pattern programmer. After you try it in your setup, you will realize just what you've been missing."
The Swynx is something the world has needed for a while now, a universal way to manipulate rhythms from any drum machine, sequencer, or arpeggiator. Every Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 owner should have a Swynx. 


New from Moog this Summer

Moog is expected to begin shipping some exciting new items this Summer and Switched On is now accepting pre-orders on all of them. Check it out...

Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition       Price: $1,579.00

At NAMM 2014 Moog announced the upcoming release of the Sub 37, a new duo paraphonic synthesizer in their renowned "Phatty" line. The Sub 37 dives deeper than any other Phatty synthesizer and in many ways has more advanced features than that of Moog's flagship synthesizer the Voyager. We here at Switched On have had the luxury of playing some of the prototypes and they are very inspiring synthesizers to play and design sounds with. Read more about the Sub 37 and pre-order...

Moog Theremini           Price: $319.00

Also at NAMM 2014 we saw the Moog Theremini. This is a modern take on one of the most iconic electronic instruments ever, the theremin. The Theremini is a wavetable based theremin with several dozen options for scales that auto-tune the pitch to the desired key and scale. This makes it possible for anyone to play the theremin musically, which usually takes a great deal of dedication and practice.  At the heart of the Theremini is Moog's Anisotropic synth engine also used in the Animoog app for iOS devices. There is also a digital delay, an onboard speaker, and control voltage out to control other analog devices. Read more about the Theremini and pre-order...

Moog Werkstatt Kit                                     Price: $329.00 

MoogFest 2014 was very exciting for Switched On to attend for many reasons, but one of them was the announcement of the new $329.00 kit: The Werkstatt. This synthesizer is a fully discrete analog monosynth with semi-modular architecture. Switched On had the opportunity to sit down with a completed Werkstatt and the tone is extremely rich and buttery. This kit requires no soldering whatsoever for basic assembly. Although the PCB has been intentionally left wide open for modification and expansion. That is why we are hosting a workshop with Jake Widgeon from Moog Music on July 10th to discuss the Werkstatt in depth. You will be able to sign-up for our new workshop later this week at, but in the meantime you can pre-order the Werkstatt synthesizer HERE

Moog MoogerFooger MF-104MSD                              Price: $799.00

The Super Delay has arrived! Moog has created a limited edition version of MF-104M with 1200ms of delay time. This is truly the grail of analog delays. It uses bucket brigade chips to achieve a silky smooth and rich delay texture only found in analog delays. 

Other features include:

  • Low-noise, high-headroom bucket brigade chips deliver 1200ms of delay
  • 6 wave shape LFO expands the the MF-104MSD's sonic capabilities
  • Spillover mod provides enhanced control over echo decay
  • Tap tempo keeps delay time and LFO in sync
  • MIDI functionality provides hands-free control
  • Feedback loop allows for routing the MF-104MSD's to external processor

Read more and purchase the Moog MoogerFooger MF-104MSD Super Delay...





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