Items Under $300

We sorted through our inventory to compile a list of items that are new,small, and relatively affordable. We thought this would simplify your holiday shopping. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or call (512) 782-8806 during our business hours. Noon-6pm Everyday!

I Dream of Wires DVD & Blu-Ray

I Dream of Wires DVD                                                               I Dream of Wires Blu-Ray
Price: $30.00                                                                               Price: $35.00

Korg Monotron Delay    Price: $49.99                                   Korg Volca Keys    Price: $149.99

Korg Volca Bass    Price: $149.99

Bleep Labs

Bleep Labs Bleep Drum    Price: $85.00                           Bleep Labs Bleep Drum Kit    Price: $60.00


Akai MPD18
Price: $79.99

Malekko Phase                       Malekko Fuzz                                   Malekko Chorus
Price: $120.00                        Price: $140.00                                  Price: $140.00

Moog Music

Moog MiniFooger MF-Boost                                                                            Moog MiniFooger MF-Ring                   
Price: $139.00                                                                                                   Price: $149.00

Moog MiniFooger MF-Trem 
Price: $179.00

Keith McMillen

Keith McMillen QuNexus
Price: $149.00

Critter & Guitari

Pocket Piano    Price: $175.00                                             Pocket Piano MIDI    Price: $275.00    

Bolsa Bass    Price: $250.00                                                Pocket Piano+    Price: $220.00


Arturia MicroBrute    Price: $299.00





New Arrivals from Make Noise, Pittsburgh Modular, and Critter & Guitari

Make Noise STO, Echophon, and Function In Stock
Make Noise have released a new VCO design entitled the Sub-Timbral Oscillator (STO). 

From Make Noise:
A compact Voltage Controlled Oscillator designed for generating SINE waves, Variable wave-SHAPEs, SUB-Octaves, Oscillator SYNC and Linear FM in the analog domain. The Sub-Timbral Oscillator is the more subtle and melodic friend to the DPO's complex harmonic lattice.

  • Triangle Core with outputs for SINE, SUB and Variable SHAPE
  • Unique Variable SHAPE circuit ripples Even and Odd harmonics for subtle timbral shifts
  • Linear FM input with Depth control
  • EXPOnential input for deep FM, SYNC sweeps or Transposition of sequences
  • SUB-Oscillator yields max bass
  • S-Gate input for gating or sync of SUB-Osc. independent of other outputs
  • Hard SYNC circuit which combined with Linear FM and Variable SHAPE yields harmonically rich sounds

    The Echophon and Function are also back in stock. To order Make Noise please contact us or call (512) 782-8806 to arrange payment and shipping. 

    Critter & Guitari: IIO and Melody Mill

    Critter & Guitari have entered the Eurorack modular universe with two thoughtful designs. The IIO and the Melody Mill

    The IIO is simply a speaker with a built in amplifier, two summing inputs, and knob for volume control. It is the easiest way to get amplification with your Eurorack modular system anyhere you go. We here at Switched On can't help but be reminded of the Arp 2600's internal speakers. You can read more or purchase the IIO through our website here.

    The Melody Mill will seem familiar to anyone that has seen Critter & Guitari's popular Pocket Piano.

    From Critter & Guitari:

    The Critter & Guitari Melody Mill is a note generation control module for Eurorack modular synthesizers.  It contains a keyboard, CV outputs, CV clock input, built-in arpeggiators, a sequencer, and MIDI capabilities.  The Melody Mill brings the fun of the Pocket Piano to modular setups! With the Melody Mill you can:
    • Use the CV output to control oscillators
    • Connect your MIDI controller or computer into your modular setup using the MIDI input
    • Play notes, record and playback sequences and arpeggios on your favorite modules
    • Convert MIDI clock into CV pulses
    • Clock the arpeggiator with an LFO for strange melodies
    • 'Hold' notes for drones
    • Connect the built-in square wave oscillator directly to a filter or an amp

      Pittsburgh Modular Cell 48

Pittsburgh Modular's Cell 48 case is one the least expensive and easiest ways to take the plunge into Eurorack modular. It includes a sturdy steel chassis, pin connectors, screws, and an AC adaptor. Best of all, the Cell 48 is designed to be expandable. Pittsburgh Modular offers wood panels to connect two (pictured below) and keep it compact enough for a desktop space. 

You can read more or purchase the Cell 48 here. Switched On also offers wood paneling for the Cell 48.

Hyperbubble - "A Synthesizer for Christmas"

Our friends Hyperbubble released a fun claymation music video featuring dancing synthesizers and lyrics about only wanting synths for Christmas. I'm sure some of you reading this may relate! You can check out more about San Antonio, Texas natives Hyperbubble on their website: 

Hyperbubble - A Synthesizer for Christmas from Ambar Navarro on Vimeo.

Sequencing the EMS "Putney" VCS3a with an Electro-Harmonix 8-Step Program

We decided to share a moment with the EMS VCS3a "Putney" we have in the shop right now. In this patch we were using the Electro-Harmonix 8-Step Program to sequence it's pitch. Any Putney can be considered a collector's item and a unique studio tool, but this one bares historical significance in the synth world. It was previously owned by video art pioneers Woody & Steina Vasulka and the legendary Experimental Television Center (ETC). Included are the original patch sheets with Woody and Steina's original patches inscribed, plus 18 original pins. 

This Putney has seen excellent servicing by our technicians and is in very good cosmetic condition considering it was built in 1971. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries. 

Top Picks & New Arrivals

Here are a few hand-picked and recent items that are in the shop and available to purchase online. All used or vintage items are fully functional and have seen recent servicing if needed. We ship internationally and are happy to answer any questions in regard to an item. Please feel free to e-mail us or call (512) 782-8806 during shop hours. 12pm-6pm, 7 days a week, Central Standard Time.  

Keith McMillen QuNexus Price: $149.00

Arturia MicroBrute Price: $299.00

Novation Bass Station Price:$325.00

Fender Reverb 6G15 Price: $795.00

Pioneer Reverberation Amplifier SR-202W Price: $100.00

Moog Opus-3 Price: $999.00

Modified Yamaha CS-15 Price: $799.00

Moog MemoryMoog Price: $4200.00

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Price: $2,750.00


Keith McMillen QuNexus now available

The Keith McMillen QuNexus is hands down the most versatile, expressionate, portable, and durable controller on the market. It can send and receive CV/GATE, MIDI, OSC, and USB elements with ease. It can also convert any of those control signals into another. It fits in a backpack, airliner overhead compartment, and in most Eurorack cases.

Best of all it is only $149.00.  Read more about the Keith McMillen QuNexus and purchase here.


Switched On is now selling original owner's manuals...

 In the last few years we have managed to amass a good deal of original, and often difficult to find, manuals, documents, and memorabilia. Switched On has added a new section to our online store for manuals. We are just getting started so stay tuned if you are on the hunt for anything specific.

Also feel free to contact us to inquire about a specific manual.


I Dream of Wires on DVD and Blu-Ray

Switched On is now selling copies of I Dream of Wires Hardcore Edition on DVD and Blu-Ray!

I Dream of Wires is the documentary that encompasses the resurgence of the modular synthesizer and the culture around it. 

The Hardcore Edition is a four hour long journey into the expanding modular universe.  

"Inventors, musicians and enthusiasts are interviewed about their relationship with the modular synthesizer — for many, it's an all-consuming passion. Established musicians such as Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Carl Craig and John Foxx show off their systems and explain why they opt to use this volatile but ultimately rewarding technology. Meanwhile, a new generation of dance and electronica artists including Clark, James Holden and Factory Floor explain why they've stepped away from laptops to embrace the sound and physicality of modular synthesizers. Innovative companies like Modcan and Doepfer, driven by a desire to revive modular synthesizers, discuss how they planted the seeds that have now grown into a major cottage industry. What started out as a "vintage-revival scene" in the '90s has grown into an underground phenomena with a growing market of modular obsessives craving ever more wild and innovative sounds and interfaces. Today, the modular synthesizer is no longer an esoteric curiosity or even a mere music instrument — it is an essential tool for radical new sounds and a bonafide subculture."

Watch the trailer below:


                 DVD: $30.00                                                       Blu-Ray: $35.00


The Moog MiniFoogers have arrived!

Moog's new line of effects pedals offer the analog sound and hand-built quality of their infamous MoogerFooger line in a smaller package and lower price. As expected they all sound fantastic. Not all of the awesome modulation options from the MoogerFooger series are present, though the people at Moog have paired down the most commonly used types of expression for use with external modulation or an expression pedal. The MiniFoogers' price range are all under $200, making these high-quality effects available to the musician on a budget. 
Switched On is now carrying:

Moog MiniFooger MF-Boost: $139.00
The MF Boost is an Expression enhanced, twin topology boost pedal that allows you to select between an articulate VCA signal path and a colored OTA signal path. 
Read more or purchase

Moog MiniFooger MF-Drive: $169.00
The MF Drive is a unique, filter-based overdrive pedal that employs a Moog Ladder Filter, boutique FET amplifiers, and classic OTAs in its drive section making it highly reactive to input gain and picking dynamics. The bi-polar tone control and sweep-able filter work with input gain to offer each player completely customizable sounds from creamy British overdrive to cranked American tube amplifier and even fuzz. When the filter Peak switch is engaged and an expression pedal is connected, the harmonic content is shifted to the filter’s cutoff position adding tonal and dirty wah performance possibilities not found elsewhere.
Read more or purchase

Moog MiniFooger MF-Ring: $149.00
The MF Ring is an analog ring modulator that is based on the best selling Ring Mod in the world, the Moogerfooger MF-102. Its unique tone voicing circuit adds a new musical dimension to ring modification, making it easy dial in everything from octaves and choral dissonance to harmonic undertones and synthesized lead lines.
Read more or purchase

Moog MiniFooger MF-Trem: $179.00
The MF Trem is an analog tremolo pedal based around a balanced modulator and Sub Audio VCO. This unique design creates a wide range of tremolo effects that are based on phase cancellation and addition. Create classic optical and hard tremolo effects that are reactive to harmonic content, or push up the depth control and shift into the beginnings of lush phasing and chorus. 
Read more or purchase

The MF-Delay is not in stock yet unfortunately. It has seen a delay (no pun intended) in manufacturing. It will be out soon and we will certainly make a public notice when it is available! In the meantime you can hear it in our demo below.

Here is a video of us demoing some the MiniFooger prototypes with a Hohner Clavinet D6 earlier this year.



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