The Korg Volca Beats, Bass, and Keys have arrived at Switched On!

The highly anticipated Korg Volca series has arrived at Switched On.

Each unit retails for the unbelievably low price of $149.99. Upon arrival, the crew here at Switched On immediately began to dig into the Volca series to see what all the hype is about.  The Volca Beats and Bass seem inspired by the classic Roland TR-808 and Roland TB-303, but Korg has improved on them with additions like midi, delay, and motion recording. Despite the similarities to legendary vintage gear, the Bass and Beats have their own personalities, are a tiny fraction of the price of vintage units, and sound like professional instruments. The Volca Keys appears to be a new instrument concept of its own. It is almost inconceivable that a 3-voice analog polyphonic synth and sequencer, that sounds this good, is available for $149.99. 

To purchase or read more about each Volca, simply click on the photos below. Supplies are limited so don't hesitate to pick one up soon!

Purchase and read more about the Korg Volca Beats...

Purchase and read more about the Korg Volca Bass...

Purchase and read more about the Korg Volca Keys...

The R.A. Moog Model 10 Modular Synthesizer

Switched On recently restored a Moog Model 10 synthesizer. Before we sent it out the door we wanted to get a little bit of documentation to share. 

This system consists of a factory arrangement of modules for the System 10. Each module was produced from 1969-1971 in the Trumansburg, NY factory. 

It is very clear and immediate upon hearing the timbral quality of this system that everything described about the original Moog sound and the legendary 904a low-pass filter is true: lush, fat, warm, silky, harmonically vibrant, pure, etc. etc. One especially nice module that is included in this system is the Fixed Filter Bank. You can consider this to operate like an EQ with resonance! By driving up isolated harmonic bands pre-lowpass filter it adds a very pleasant sounding distortion that is unlike anything. You can hear it demonstrated in the first patch in this video. If you happen to have a MU or 5U modular system you can find recreations of the Fixed Filter Bank from and COTK. 
Enjoy this droney jam and a few other autonomous sound effect patches from a machine that changed the world.  
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ON SALE! Livid Instruments Dual 80 & Skiff 80 with Flight of Harmony Power Supplies

If you have ever wanted to start a Eurorack modular system or wanted a tactile controller surface for your virtual instruments and DAWs, here is your chance to do both at a discounted price! The Livid Instruments Dual 80 and Skiff 80 are an innovative enclosure design for Eurorack format modular systems. Using the Livid Instruments Elements modules you can directly interface your DAW, VST's, or various other midi equipped gear in the same enclosure as your other Eurorack modules. 

Features of the case: 

  • Midi in, midi out, USB
  • Brains power supply can be powered by USB or independantly via AC Adaptor 
  • Livid Instruments Elements cases are crafted in Austin, Texas with strong aluminum and hand-finished mahogany end caps. 
  • Each row is 80HP wide.
  • These cases also have removable backs for easy access to your modules

 Both enclosures include:

  • Flight of Harmony Power Module (Normally retails at $99.00)
  • Flight of Harmony Bus Board (Normally retails at $49.00)
  • Triad power adapter for Flight Of Harmony Power

The Power Module and Bus Board will be pre-installed by us-- you'll be ready to plug in modules and begin making music right away!

Livid Instruments Dual 80: $399.00
More info and purchasing HERE

Livid Instruments Skiff 80: $349.00
More info and purchasing HERE



Switched On Walk-Through feat. LinnDrum LM-1

Here is a video walk through of our store front in Austin, TX!  Glance at some of our inventory and virtually tour the store!
This week your hearing some in house recordings of the original LinnDrum LM-1, Roland TR-606, Make Noise Rene, and the new Delptronics Thunderclap.
You can find everything you see on our online store, but don't be afraid to contact us or call (512) 782-8806 with any questions!
Switched On buys, sells, repairs and restores all manners of musical, used, and vintage.

Moog Madness

Switched On currently has an incredible spread of vintage and new Moog products. Below are some of our top picks. Switched On is also an authorized "Moog Pro" dealer and sells all new Moog products. You can check out the rest of Switched On's moogy inventory in our Moog section.

Moog PolyMoog Synthesizer 203(a) with Poly-Pedals

Moog Model 10 Modular System

Moog MiniMoog Model D

Realistic Moog MG-1 w/ Modifications

Moog Taurus I with Midi

Moog MicroMoog

Moog MiniMoog Voyager XL "Lunar Edition" ON SALE!


New Make Noise Modules in Stock!


The highly anticipated revision of the Make Noise Maths module has arrived at Switched On! In addition to that we also have Make Noise Functions and the Make Noise MMG back in stock!

About the Maths...

MATHS is an analog computer designed for musical purposes. Amongst other things, it will allow you to:

  • Generate a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential triggered or continuous functions
  • Integrate an incoming signal
  • With no signal applied, generate a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential functions
  • Add, subtract and OR up to 4 signals
  • Generate analog signals from digital information (Gate / Clock)
  • Generate digital information (Gate / Clock) from analog signals
  • Delay digital (Gate / Clock) information

If the above list reads like science rather than music, here is the translation:

  • Voltage Controlled Envelope or LFO as slow as 25 minutes and as fast as 1khz
  • Apply Lag, Slew or Portamento to control voltages
  • Change the depth of modulation and modulate backwards!
  • Combine up to 4 control signals to create more complex modulations
  • Musical Events such as Ramping up or Down in Tempo, on command
  • Initiating Musical events upon sensing motion in the system
  • Musical note division and / or Flam
  • Perfect for modulating the DPO and just about anything else

You can purchase Make Noise through e-mailing us, calling us at (512) 782-8806 (12-6PM Central Standard Time), or on location!

Hybrid Digisound & Aries Modular Synthesizer at Switched On

Switched On recently prepared this spectacular combination of vintage Digisound and Aries modules for a customer. We were asked by our customer to resurrect two separate systems and combine the rarest and most desirable modules. The result was very pleasing, to say the least!

The patch featured in our video is based around the four wavetable-based Digisound VCDOs (Voltage Controlled Digital Oscillator), cycling through the banks of eight wavetables on each oscillator. Each VCDO has four banks of eight waveforms totaling at thirty-two possible waveforms. Occasionally you will see the bank being switched to allow a different set of eight waveforms to cycle. By multiplying the pulse signal from the Digisound Quad LFO,  all four Digisound DCOs step through their waveforms in time. One of the VCDOs is being processed through the Digisound Ring Modulator to add some metallic brilliance. Another VCDO is being processed through the Aries-paneled Blacet Frequency Divider, adding interesting harmonics. All four are being mixed and summed into the gorgeous-sounding, discrete Aries Multimode Filter. The quality of the filter is woody and organic sounding, but has the grit of a CEM based filter. The patch sends just a touch of modulation from the Digisound Quad LFO to the cutoff and resonance of the Aries filter, adding some extra animation to the sound. Since our customer did not wish to have a proper VCA in the system, we are sending the audio directly from the filter. 

We hope you enjoy the sound of this very rare and unique modular system; it was a pleasure to work on! 

Check out more detailed photos of the Digisound/Aries system on our Flickr.



Top Picks & New Arrivals: August 30th, 2013

Oberheim TVS-1 Two-Voice

Moog MiniMoog Voyager XL Limited Lunar Edition ON SALE!

Moog Taurus I w/ Midi Modification


Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

LinnDrum LM-1 Drum Computer

Fostex R8 8-track 1/4 Inch Tape Machine


Hohner D6 Clavinet

All items have been tested and are 100% functional. Switched On repairs and restores all vintage items to full functionality.

If you have questions regarding any item please feel free to contact us via email or reach us by telephone.
(512) 782-8806

Noon-6pm (Central Standard Time), 7 days a week



Top Picks & New Arrivals: August 23rd, 2013

Analogue Systems French Connection

DSI PolyEvolver

Roland JX-3P

Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Synare S3X

Sherman Filter Bank 2

Tel Ray Ad-N-Echo

Snazzy FX Wow & Flutter

All items have been tested and are 100% functional. Switched On repairs and restores all vintage items to full functionality.
If you have questions regarding any item please feel free to contact us via email or reach us by telephone.
(512) 782-8806
Noon-6pm (Central Standard Time), 7 days a week



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