Original EMS Diagrams and Info Sheets posted on our Flickr

Switched On acquired some original diagrams, info sheets, and other fun synth documentation from the now extinct,
but legendary Electronic Music Studios (EMS) company. If you have ever wondered what these rare and expensiver synths have in terms of features, they are nicely laid out and explained here in these documents!

You can view high-res versions of these scans and so much more by clicking through to our Flickr.

The Korg MS-20 Mini's filter being overdriven: It's a monster.

Within the last year we have seen a new generation of analog mono-synths appear on the market from larger manufacturers like Korg, Moog, Novation, Arturia, etc. It seems that people are re-discovering the beauties of crafting sounds via analog subtractive synthesis in the 21st century. Naturally this is a welcome sea change for us over here at Switched On. 
These recent designs retain the quality of a pure analog signal path but control voltage elements (EG, LFO, Keyboard, Midi to CV) are reaping the modern benefits of advanced micro-controllers and smaller components. One design feature that has been included within almost every synth within this new wave of monosynths is some form of overdrive to give the sound an extra aggressive, growly, shrieking distortion. The Arturia Minibrute has the "Brute Factor", Moog Sub Phatty has the "Multi-Drive", the Novation Bass Station II has onboard filter distortion, and so on. 
Trends in music shape the features of musical electronics and vice versa, but we wanted to highlight a quality of the new Korg MS-20 Mini that was always in the original. The sound of the MS-20 filters being overdriven is legendary and thus many clones in various formats have been spawned. This is especially heard in techno, IDM, dubstep, noise, and experimental music. 
This demo shows off just how the MS-20 mini growls, shrieks, hisses, gets aggressive, and is the real thing. The patch we have setup is audio from the headphone jack being fed back into the signal processer section and the routed to the total control up top. Having the flexibility of a simultaneous resonant high pass and low pass filter allows you to fine tune the grit and sputtering distortion this synth is capable of and always was. These are certainly not the only sounds it can make, but a finer point worth mentioning!


Switched On now carries Intellijel!

Switched On is pleased to announce that we now carry Intellijel modules for Eurorack modular synthesizer. Intellijel's wares are beautifully designed with thoughtful features for the electronic and experimental artist. Intellijel modules can be purchased in-store for the Austin community, or shipped. To order please contact us through e-mail, or call (512) 782-8806. We are open Noon-6PM (CST) 7 days a week!

Our current Intellijel inventory includes: 

The Rubicon
A thru zero fm triangle core vco.
The Azimuth II
A dual vca, panner, balance, xfader, and stereo enhancer.
The Dixie II
A triangle core VCO & LFO.
The Dixie Controller
The expander for connecting up to four Dixies. 
The µVCF
A State variable filter.
The µScale
CV quantizer and musical interval generator in 4HP.

RubiconDixie IIµVCFµScale IIAzimuth IIµFold IIDixieCTRL

Super Synthesis' "Phraser" and 4-Channel Bi-Polar mixer

The Super Synthesis PH-01 Phraser (Right) and the BMIX Quad Bi-Polar Mixer (Left)

Super Synthesis is a brand new company based in our hometown of Austin, TX. Although they might be new to the Eurorack manufacturing world they have already made a splash by creating the The Super37. The first and only powered skiff with a built-in keyboard and a midi to cv convertor on board. 

This round they have released their first 2 modules. The PH-01 Phraser and the BMIX 4 Channel Bi-Polar Mixer. 

The Phraser, or PH01 for short, is a knob recorder. It records a DC voltage (via the DC pot and record button) into a loop, and outputs that movement as a 0v-5v control voltage (and displays the output via the led). The Rate knob adjusts the playback speed (or loop length, however you want to think about it.) The record button overwrites whatever is in the loop with the current position of the DC pot, allowing for complex sequences with just a little clicking and twiddling. Loop length goes from ~18 seconds to over 500Hz. The Phraser can be used as a voltage sequencer, programmable lfo, gate/trigger source, static control voltage, clock, or drone oscillator. Read more about it and purchase the Phraser H E R E

The BMIX is an active 4 channel mixer with bipolar inputs and complimentary positive and negative outputs. Each input channel has a gain control ranging from -1 to +1, with an open dot indicating a gain of zero. The positive output
( + ) is the sum of all 4 channels, and the negative output ( - ) is the negative of that sum. BMIX is DC coupled, so it's perfect for mixing control voltages or audio. The negative output allows it to act as an inverter and attenuator simultaneously, so a control voltage can be patched, inverted, patched away, and still available. 
BMIX is a handy companion for modules without enough cv inputs or attenuators, and at 6hp, wont needlessly eat up your rack space. Read more about the BMIX and purchaser H E R E



Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Block now in stock...

The Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Block is in stock and it sounds great. It is a semi-modular and 100% analog synth voice in a 28HP panel.  Each section of the voice can be treated as an independant module to interract with the rest of your system, or it can be an all-in-one synthesizer voice without any patching necessary. These are running for $299.99 which is an excellent value for what you get with this module. If you are just beginning a Euro system this is a good module to cover all of your basics and get immediate results without breaking the bank. Upon first play today we tried it as a stand alone mono-synth. It's character was warm and smooth, something more akin to vintage monosynths. Once we started patching it to other modules it became evident that the Pittsburgh Synth Block in a one row skiff with some interesting control modules can take you a long way without taking up valuable case space. Read more about the Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Block H E R E.


Arturia Minilab now in stock at Switched On

The Arturia Minilab is a compact, intuitive, and well designed controller for virtual instruments. It reads the way an analog synths parameters would be arranged on the hardware and is fairly immediate in being able to map controls to it's surface.Also, it does not need drivers to begin functioning with your laptop, desktop, or even your iPad! We think the Minilab is one of the more attractive controllers aesthetically, functions with ease, and best of all it's price point is $99.99. Read more and purchase H E R E.

Critter & Guitari's new Bolsa Bass cartoon is awesome.

Critter & Guitari released a new cartoon to help promote the awesome bass synthesizer they released last year, The Bolsa Bass. We love the originality and creativity they employ when promoting their new products, not to mention just how original and creative their actual products are. You can check them all out  h e r e

New Media Art & Sound Summit 2013 Tickets available through Switched On

New Media Art & Sound Summit Tickets available at Switched On!

Switched On is proud to be a sponsor for The Church of the Friendly Ghost's NMASS (New Media Art & Sound Summit) 2013!  

Church of the Friendly Ghost’s New Media Art and Sound Summit 2013
will occur on June 13June 14, and June 15 at Salvage Vanguard Theater with an opening ceremony at Town Lake on June 12th

This year’s events include:

Eurorack synth module building workshop with Super Synthesis and Delptronics, Modular synth meet and greet and gear show and tell, Thomas FangDaze of HeavenDouglas FergusonRick ReedRichard DevineExperimental Response Cinema presentation of Dallas artist Michael Morris films/videos and a program of local experimental filmmakers*, Chicago’s Coppice performance of new material for prepared pump organ and tape processes, Nick Hennies in a vibraphone and bass duo, Austin premier of the film Conlon Nancarrow: Virtuoso of the Player Piano, local instrumental music ensemble Red Ox vs. Cindersthe Dialtones,Bryan DayLisa Cameron, master of cassette tape destruction Jason Zeh, Argentinean electronic musician Nicolas Melmann will be presenting a live sound and video performance,Dromez, a new installation by Sean O’neill and Clay Odom,  Brent Fariss piece for vibraphone, cello and harp, Vanessa Rossetto, Demaris & Knowles, Sarah Ruth Alexander,  Brekekekexkoaxkoax, Derrick Fore & Mohadev Bhattacharyya, Faces Together short film and ‘Decline‘ late night visual score ceremony.

3-day passes are available to purchase at Switched On for $35.00!
You may also purchase single day passes at the door. 


4MS Quad Pingable LFO (QPLFO), Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG), and VCA Matrix in stock!

We received a new order of 4MS Modular and the new and exciting Quad Pingable LFO was included. It is a compact, playable four-channel tap-tempo, clock-syncable LFO with variable skew and reset. The QPLFO is designed to be useful in small portable systems that require maximum functionality in minimal space, as well as large systems that need maximum modulation sources.
Here is a demo briefly going over some of the primary functions within the QPLFO: 

We also replenished our stock of the Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG) and VCA Matrix! (VCAM)


Switched On Walk-Through feat. SCI Pro-One & Korg PS-3100

A walk through of our store front in Austin, TX to allow you (the viewer) to quickly glance at some of our inventory. 

This week your hearing an improv recording of the Korg PS-3100 and SCI Pro-One.
The Pro-One is providing the sequence and the PS-3100 is providing the pads and leads. Both are running through a Roland RE-201 Space Echo (tape delay). Enjoy!

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