4MS Quad Pingable LFO (QPLFO), Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG), and VCA Matrix in stock!

We received a new order of 4MS Modular and the new and exciting Quad Pingable LFO was included. It is a compact, playable four-channel tap-tempo, clock-syncable LFO with variable skew and reset. The QPLFO is designed to be useful in small portable systems that require maximum functionality in minimal space, as well as large systems that need maximum modulation sources.
Here is a demo briefly going over some of the primary functions within the QPLFO: 

We also replenished our stock of the Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG) and VCA Matrix! (VCAM)


Switched On Walk-Through feat. SCI Pro-One & Korg PS-3100

A walk through of our store front in Austin, TX to allow you (the viewer) to quickly glance at some of our inventory. 

This week your hearing an improv recording of the Korg PS-3100 and SCI Pro-One.
The Pro-One is providing the sequence and the PS-3100 is providing the pads and leads. Both are running through a Roland RE-201 Space Echo (tape delay). Enjoy!

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10% Off Select Eurorack Modules...

10% Sale of select Eurorack modules with purchase of any of our powered Eurorack modular cases.

Switched On is offering a 10% discount towards select Eurorack format modules with the purchase of any of our powered Eurorack cases. Offer extends through June 2013!
For online purchasing please inquire on selected modules at switchedonaustin.com for the discount to be included in your order. For local purchases drop our shop at: 

1111 E. 11th St. Ste 150
Austin, TX 78702
12-6PM Everyday of the week.

Available cases include:

Super Synthesis Super37
Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90
Sound Modular Flight 200
Livid Instruments Dual 80
Livid Instruments Skiff 80



More Make Noise modular in...

We received a new Make Noise modular order in today! Come by the shop, call, or e-mail to purchase some Make Noise modular. 
Phone: (512) 782-8806
E-mail: SwitchedOnAustin@gmail.com 

Today we received....
The Echophon is an incredible delay and pitch shifter that can work into the modular sound design flow in the most interesting ways.
The Function can be considered 1/2 of the more well known "Maths" module. Essentially it is a single AR type slope generator that can cycle like an LFO.
The ModDemix is a very unique module that can function as a VCA, Distortion, Ring Modulator, or Mixer. Also noted for having several blinky lights. 
A mult is essential for every system. You will always need to divide a signal or have basic summing of voltage. 

We also are currently stocked with the DPO (Dual Prismatic Oscillator) and the René sequencer.

Super Synthesis "Super37" Powered Eurorack Case and Keyboard

Switched On is proud to carry the Super Synthesis "Super37", a powered Eurorack modular case and keyboard. Simply plug in a custom array of Euro modules to build your super synth. The Super37 has great keyboard feel, is velocity sensitive, and it has polyphonic midi out, via the rear jack.

The Super37 includes one module with an octave switch and velocity, CV, trig, and gate outputs. By its luminosity, the module's LED bulb indicates the amount of velocity being sent from the keyboard. The module also features a glide control which slews keyboard CV at the output.

Made in Austin, Texas, the Super37 features 104HP of high quality Tip Top Audio Z-rail space, includes a Tip Top Audio powersupply, and has a well-crafted aluminum chassis with stained wood sides. 

Read more about the Super37 and purchase HERE.


The Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90

Switched is now stocking the new Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 powered case for Eurorack modular! $230.00 gives you all you need to get started building your Eurorack modular system. This is great considering the entry fee to the wildly popular Eurorack modular format is considerably high. Best part about this design is that it is expandable. You can purchase high quality Pennsylvania cherry hardwood sides seperately to connect 2 individual Cell 90's, keeping it relatively inexpensive and easy to expand when the time comes. We at Switched On find this to be an excellent  design and step in the right direction for the Eurorack community. The Cell 90 allows the beginner to start a system without denting the bank account too severely! Read more about the Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 and purchase HERE.



New Arrivals

Oberheim 2-Voice

Roland SH-101

Yamaha DX7

Roland Alpha Juno-2

Yamaha SY77

Ensoniq SQ80

Korg X-911 Guitar Synthesizer

Mu-Tron Phasor II

Korg DW-8000

Yamaha CS-01

Yamaha BC-1 (CS-01 Breath Controller)


Mode Machines Juno-106 Filter has arrived...


This freestanding clone of the classic Roland Juno-106 filter arrived yesterday! 

Known for its smooth analog texture, you can simply plug any audio source into it and begin filtering.

It features the ability to switch from -12db to a -24db filter, giving you a different range of sonic possibility. It also has the ability to self-oscillate, making the filter sizzle, sting, zap, or plunge into deep bass. The cutoff frequency, resonance, and VCA can all be controlled externally via control voltage ports on the back. By processing a digital synth through this you can instantly warm the sound and have realtime control of the filter. Tracking vocals or drums could be interesting, or even having the filter on an aux send within your studio mixer or console.

Also compatible with Eurorack -/+5v standards. 

Purchase the Mode Machines Juno-106 Filter HERE.


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