The Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90

Switched is now stocking the new Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 powered case for Eurorack modular! $230.00 gives you all you need to get started building your Eurorack modular system. This is great considering the entry fee to the wildly popular Eurorack modular format is considerably high. Best part about this design is that it is expandable. You can purchase high quality Pennsylvania cherry hardwood sides seperately to connect 2 individual Cell 90's, keeping it relatively inexpensive and easy to expand when the time comes. We at Switched On find this to be an excellent  design and step in the right direction for the Eurorack community. The Cell 90 allows the beginner to start a system without denting the bank account too severely! Read more about the Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 and purchase HERE.



New Arrivals

Oberheim 2-Voice

Roland SH-101

Yamaha DX7

Roland Alpha Juno-2

Yamaha SY77

Ensoniq SQ80

Korg X-911 Guitar Synthesizer

Mu-Tron Phasor II

Korg DW-8000

Yamaha CS-01

Yamaha BC-1 (CS-01 Breath Controller)


Mode Machines Juno-106 Filter has arrived...


This freestanding clone of the classic Roland Juno-106 filter arrived yesterday! 

Known for its smooth analog texture, you can simply plug any audio source into it and begin filtering.

It features the ability to switch from -12db to a -24db filter, giving you a different range of sonic possibility. It also has the ability to self-oscillate, making the filter sizzle, sting, zap, or plunge into deep bass. The cutoff frequency, resonance, and VCA can all be controlled externally via control voltage ports on the back. By processing a digital synth through this you can instantly warm the sound and have realtime control of the filter. Tracking vocals or drums could be interesting, or even having the filter on an aux send within your studio mixer or console.

Also compatible with Eurorack -/+5v standards. 

Purchase the Mode Machines Juno-106 Filter HERE.

Switched On Walk Through feat. Moog Minitaur, Akai Max49, Mutron Bi-Phase, and DOD 680 Analog Delay

A walk through of our store front in Austin, TX to allow you (the viewer) to quickly glance at some of our inventory. 

This round we are using the Akai Max49 to sequence the Moog Minitaur using CV/Gate. 
The Minitaur is also being processed with the infamous Mu-Tron Bi-Phase and a DOD 680 Analog Delay. 

If you see anything you would like to know more about please feel free to e-mail us at:
or Call us: (512) 782-8806 Noon-6pm (Central Standard Time)

Switched On buys, sells, repairs and restores all manners of musical, used, and vintage.

Keep updated on events and new inventory:


Moog announces new dates, partners, and logos for Moogfest

Last year Switched On had the pleasure of going out to the Moog factory during Moogfest. It was a beautiful festival taking place at multiple venues in the mountainous town of Asheville.  There were tons of different electronic performances, panels around technology and synthesis, and also the new Make Noise location had it's grand opening. So much fun...

Today Moog announced plans for the next Moogfest scheduled to happen April 25th-27th 2014. They have developed a new logo (seen above) and this will be the first Moog Fest with their new partner Paxahau! Looking forward to the line-up! You can read more about Moogfest and Paxahau here

New Make Noise modules have arrived!

We love Make Noise modules and a new order just arrived! Come by the shop to demo them or if you would like to order one e-mail us or call (512) 782-8806 (12-6pm Central Standard Time) 
About the modules...

The MMG Filter

A vactrol based Voltage Controlled Filter and Low Pass Gate using a QMMG core. The MMG bridges the Far East and West Coast synthesis styles by allowing for highly resonant acidic squelch and organic, percussive animations to be programmed simultaneously with a single module.     

  • Input with attenuator, drive and compressing Overload Circuit with LED indicator
  • DC input for combining control and/ or audio signals
  • MODE allows for smooth Voltage Controlled sweep between Low Pass and High Pass responses with LED indication
  • FREQUENCY control with bi-polar CV attenuator and additional unity CV input
  • Voltage Controlled Q yields everything from smooth to aggressively clamped resonances
  • Automatic Gain Control keeps signal levels under control at High Resonance settings
  • ACCENT input for X0X style punch
  • STRIKE input for LPG style bongo plonks
  • Pairs well with the Echophon and Phonogene

The Echophon

Pitch Shifting Echo with smooth Time Modulation, Tempo Sync, saturating Feedback and a unique Pitch Shifting algorithm inspired by the Springer Tempophon and lovingly engineered by DSP Guru Tom Erbe of soundhack . "...the most inspiring module of the year." -Electronic Musician.

  • Shift Pitch of signal +/- 2 Octaves
  • Exponential control of delay time -Maximum Time 1.7 Seconds, Minimum Time 7 ms
  • Tempo input allows synchronization of Echoes to multiple or division of an external Clock
  • Two independent internal digital Feedback paths (Loop 1 and Loop 2)
  • External Analog Feedback Path for filtered or processed echoes
  • FREEZE button/ gate input allows for hold, stutter and sampling techniques
  • 24 bit ADC/DAC, 32bit processing, 16bit delay storage operating at 40khz
  • Vactrol based Mix circuit for smooth blending of dry and wet signals
  • All Analog Dry Signal Path
  • Voltage Control over ALL parameters
  • Pairs well with the Phonogene



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