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Triadex Muse meets modular synthesis! 

We recently repaired the rare Triadex Muse for one of our clients. For those unfamiliar the Triadex Muse is an algorithm based random composition generator. It uses a sequenced set of assignable notes to generate non repeating patterns. We decided to process it through some of modular set up and give it an all new character!  
Our signal chain:
Triadex Muse-->Bubblesound Sem20 filter-->Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay-->4MS VCA Matrix-->Pittsburgh Modular Stereo Out

We are using one Bubblesound VCOb as a modulation source to the VCA Matrix and another to modulate the Sem20 filter in lowpass mode.


Pre-ordering now available for the Moog Sub Phatty and Korg MS-20 Mini

Switched On is now taking pre-orders for two of NAMM 2013's most talked about synthesizers: The Moog Sub Phatty & Korg MS-20 Mini. They are dramatically different but both wonderful new additions to analog synthesis in 2013!!

Pre-Ordering for the Moog Sub Phatty can be done HERE.

 Pre-Ordering for Korg MS-20 Mini can be done HERE.

Amos Gaynes of Moog Music gives an in-depth demo of the new Moog Sub Phatty

Amos Gaynes from Moog Music gave me an outstanding walk through of the new Moog Sub Phatty. Amos is responsible for the
firmware design of the Sub Phatty, as well as the firmware on the reputable Moog Minitaur which debuted last year at NAMM 2012. 
We're honored to have this authority on the matter explain some of the features and design principles in Moog's latest
synthesizer. They will retail for $999.00, will be shipping in March, and are American manufactured as Moog has always been!
The sound is quite huge and the build quality is solid. It retains the classic sound you would want in a Moog synth, but is also ventures into a wider 
palette of sonic possibility. 

Updates on events and new inventory:
Twitter Handle: @SwitchedOnTX

Switched On Demo: Korg Mini MS-20 at NAMM 2013 (Direct Audio Recording)

Switched On is at NAMM this year taste testing many of the new and exciting designs being debuted. 
Korg has unveiled a replica of it's famed MS-20 scaled down to a miniature version. Everyone at Switched On loves the original MS-20 so the announcement of this was a pleasant surprise. I decided to do some noodling around with the Mini MS-20's parameters. I jacked directly into the output stage of it to avoid the chaotic background noise of the convention center. It has all of the original signal path and patching capabilities using the original Hz/Octave scaling. It also includes midi and usb connectivity. If you recall the iMS-20 controller it is essentially that in it's form factor, except rotary encoders have been replaced with pots and true analog circuitry designed by the original engineers. Best of all, it's going to be $599.00 and shipping by April.
Switched On is s store front and online store based in Austin, TX. 
Switched On buys, sells, repairs and restores all manners of musical electronics...new, used, and vintage. We also organize events and offer resources to enhance the learning and creativity around electronic art forms.
Online Store:
Updates on events and new inventory:
Twitter Handle: @SwitchedOnTX

LZX Industries video synthesizer system is in store!

LZX Industries video synthesizer

Switched On is carrying a LZX Industries video synthesizer system that we are selling as a complete package to video heaven. We left half of the system open to add other LZX or Eurorack modules depending on your taste or goals in video synthesizing. 

The package includes:

  • Analogue Solutions Concussor Case (84HP, Power supply included)
  • LZX Industries Color Mapper
  • LZX Industries Voltage Bridge (Allows attenuation from standard +/-5v to +/-1v. This allows easy integration from Eurorack audio modules.)
  • LZX Industries Video Ramps
  • LZX Sync Generator (Allows external video sources to be fed in and processed!)
  • LZX Color Encoder (The output stage and colorizer module) 
  • An Atari Commodore color television
  • A Panasonic Black & White genlockable security camera (For optical feedback effects to process through the LZX system and colorize!)
  • Tripod

For inquiries please write us or call (512) 782-8806 (Noon-6pm Central Standard Time)

Switched On Demos: Cyclone Analogic BassBot TT-303 & Roland TR-909

The new Cyclone Analogic BassBot (TT-303) is a spitting image of the original Roland TB-303. It sounds just like it, and has some 21st century innovations. A 64 step sequencer, MIDI, and Arpeggiator to name a few. To put it to the test we brought out the 303's partner in crime, the Roland TR-909. Also the blue pedal you see is a vintage DOD analog delay with the TT-303 being processed. Not pictured is the Enormous Door ICBM fuzz pedal on the 909 Kick and the Moog MoogerFooger Ring Mod is on the 909 Hi-hats. 

You can find more info and purchase the BassBot HERE. 
You can follow us on Twitter too:

The Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot (TT-303) is here!


The TT-303 Bass Bot is has arrived! It is a full on replication of Roland's epic TB-303 Bassline Generator.  And it sounds legit. This replication of the Roland TB-303 is innovative, respective to the original sound and look, and far more practical in it's price and features for the modern day man in need of acid, techno, and electro bassline squelch! 

Some notable differences from the original 303:

  • Multi-colored LED's 
  • The sequencer uses classic step-entry programming
  • Stores up to 224 editable patterns
  • 224 bot-generated preset (non-editable) patterns
  • Holds 7 songs of up to 127 bars 
  • Everything is stored in onboard flash memory - which means it will stay there when you turn the unit off.
  • Includes an arpeggiator function
  • Has MIDI! (as opposed to the DIN Sync in the original 303 thank goodness)

    More info and purchasing can be found HERE. Or under Cyclone Analogic in our manufacturers section.

Moog releases teaser vid for their upcoming mono synth today! Synth pioneer Herb Deutsch presents it.

Herb Deutsch explains the new Moog synthesizer set to debut later this month.

Moog released a teaser video with synthesizer designer and pioneer Herb Deutsch presenting it. It sits out in the raw and unhoused as he demonstrates the features. As a "Moog Pro" dealer Switched On will be among the first places to carry the new model. We can't say very much about it yet, but we will say this: People will be very happy with the price point, and it has a very rich sound. One of our employees ventured to the Moog factory to demo it and had nothing but good things to say about the new design. Stay tuned for more info and Switched On will have it in stock very soon!



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