Innerclock Systems Sync Shift MKIII

This Sync-Shift MKIII is fully functional, in great condition, and includes it's power supply.

The Sync Shift MkIII provides a simple, accurate, hands-on way to make all your gear lock the way it should - hardware or software, master or slave, midi clock or din sync/+5v.

  • dedicated 'phase-gridlock' midi clock to din sync conversion ic with ultra-low, constant conversion lag time so your offset remains fixed and tight.
  • innerclock sync-shift din sync offset and real-time lag correction engine lets you compensate for common hardware and software midi clock and din sync start lag time issues plus it has two full bars of shift available so you can easily syncopate sync slave devices or software against the master. rotary push-pull shift 'fine tune' lets you rush or drag the slave against the groove in real-time with no loss of sync. go from hard 16th swing to phase locked grid quantise and back again all in one bar and in real-time!
  • dedicated 'phase-gridlock' din sync to midi clock conversion ic - same ultra-low, constant conversion lag time but reverse engineered to provide ultra-stable din sync to midi clock conversion.
  • modular/discreet design - no cpu personality disorders. we could have done all three jobs on one chip with a shared instruction set but we didn't. from experience - especially where synchronisation is concerned - sharing hardware resources is a bad idea. each of the three core components that makes up the mark ii sync shift has its own dedicated ic and code. this means they work great in isolation and there is no loss in performance when you connect them together.
  • the mark ii sync shift is really three separate, ultra high quality devices in one compact package where the whole truly is greater than the sum of the parts.

five pots - four switched and one free turning - work collectively to provide up to two full bars of sync offset. the top three switched pots set quarter divisions, sixteenth divisions and individual clocks respectively. these are set prior to start of the master device and set the overall sync offset for the slave device or devices. the bottom left rotary switch is for bypass, real-time shift and shift lock. the last and most important free turning pot provides the real-time, push/pull sync fine-tuning between master and slave while playing.

Sync-Shift MKIII converts midi clock to din sync and allows real-time slave sync-start lag compensation to get both master and slave locked perfectly.

Two requests that came up on more than a few occasions from were:

  • A built-in midi clock to din sync converter inside the sync shift and
  • A midi clock version of the sync shift