Pittsburgh Modular Analog Replicator

This Analog Replicator is fully functional and in great condition with some rack rash.

The Analog Replicator is an analog delay module that utilizes two 4096 stage BBD chips with selection over short/long range, and number of stages. 

  • 4,096 and SHORT Selected: 10ms to 175ms
  • 8,192 and SHORT Selected: 20ms to 350ms
  • 4,096 and LONG Selected: 10ms to 1300ms (1.3 seconds)
  • 8,192 and LONG Selected: 20ms to 2600ms (2.6 seconds)
  • Size: 16hp
  • Module depth: 35mm
  • Power Usage: +12v 80mA, -12v 50mA.