Pittsburgh Modular Move [208]

This Move 208 is fully functional and in good condition.  It includes the Triad 12v AC 2000mA power supply.

The Pittsburgh Modular Move [208] is a fully featured, roadworthy eurorack case and power supply designed to safely house and power up to 208hp of eurorack modules.

Move [208] Specs:

  • 104HP
  • Available Depth for Modules: 70mm
  • Available Depth for Modules (above Power Supply): 62mm
  • Powered Bus Board supplies +12v / -12v / +5v
  • Dual Custom Powered Bus Boards with 32 Keyed Headers
  • Eurorack Bus Compatible Bus Boards
  • Side Mounted 2.1mm Universal Power Adapter Jack
  • 12VAC 5.0A AC Power Adapter

Move [208] Power Supply:

  • Total Power Output: +12v @ 2A, -12v @ 2A, and +5v @600mA
  • Dual bus boards deliver power for up to 32 modules using standard 16 pin, keyed power headers.
  • The power supplies use a single external 12VAC 5.0A AC barrel jack power adapter.