Pittsburgh Toolbox


(Multi-purpose Slew, Noise, Sample & Hold, and Inverter Module)

 A versatile module capable of performing 4 distinct jobs at once.

  • Adjustable Slew Control
  • Noise Source
  • Sample & Hold
  • Voltage Inverter

Module Sections


Slew Amount Knob Controls the Amount of Glide

(Noise - Sample & Hold)

Noise Output (N)
Sample & Hold Voltage Input (I) (Internally patched to Noise Output)
Sample & Hold Hold Clock Input (H)
Sample & Hold Voltage Output (O)

(Basic Voltage Inverter Flips the incoming Voltage From Positive to Negative or Negative to Positive)

Voltage Input (I)
Voltage Output (O)

Size: 6hp
Depth: 25mm
Power Usage: 30mA