Repair & Restoration

Switched On is staffed with a team of specialized repair techs to revitalize and restore your prized gear.  Please call or email for a consultation regarding repair or modifications.  We also offer creative modifications for various types of equipment.  Our repair rate is $75/hr, with an optional $50 fee for rush repairs. There is no charge if an item cannot be repaired. Repair work is guaranteed for 30 days unless otherwise stated.  

We service all manner of music electronics. Including:

  • Analog and Digital Synthesizers
  • Modular Synthesizer Equipment 
  • Combo Organs
  • Midi Controllers
  • Tape Machines (1/4”-2” formats, including tape delays)
  • Solid State and Tube Amplifiers
  • Various Pro Audio Equipment
  • Effects Processors
  • Drum Machines
  • Samplers
  • Basic Microphone Repair 

Our repair staff has extensive experience modifying music electronics to enable new features or alter the behavior. 

Available Modifications

We have  an extensive track record repairing equipment from every era. 

Successful Repair History

*PLEASE NOTE: Repair times may vary from project to project depending on the current workload, sourcing and ordering specialized parts, and whatever is necessary to restore your item to as close to factory standard as possible or beyond. Due to limited space and difficulty in transporting, any large items (e.g. home organs, 2-inch tape machines, etc.) or anything in question will need to be assessed by a staff member to know if we can take on your project. Please call beforehand if in doubt. 
Contact us before shipping repair items to Switched On. Also please see our packing guide and follow instructions to ensure safe arrival.