The Korg MS-20 Mini's filter being overdriven: It's a monster.

Within the last year we have seen a new generation of analog mono-synths appear on the market from larger manufacturers like Korg, Moog, Novation, Arturia, etc. It seems that people are re-discovering the beauties of crafting sounds via analog subtractive synthesis in the 21st century. Naturally this is a welcome sea change for us over here at Switched On. 
These recent designs retain the quality of a pure analog signal path but control voltage elements (EG, LFO, Keyboard, Midi to CV) are reaping the modern benefits of advanced micro-controllers and smaller components. One design feature that has been included within almost every synth within this new wave of monosynths is some form of overdrive to give the sound an extra aggressive, growly, shrieking distortion. The Arturia Minibrute has the "Brute Factor", Moog Sub Phatty has the "Multi-Drive", the Novation Bass Station II has onboard filter distortion, and so on. 
Trends in music shape the features of musical electronics and vice versa, but we wanted to highlight a quality of the new Korg MS-20 Mini that was always in the original. The sound of the MS-20 filters being overdriven is legendary and thus many clones in various formats have been spawned. This is especially heard in techno, IDM, dubstep, noise, and experimental music. 
This demo shows off just how the MS-20 mini growls, shrieks, hisses, gets aggressive, and is the real thing. The patch we have setup is audio from the headphone jack being fed back into the signal processer section and the routed to the total control up top. Having the flexibility of a simultaneous resonant high pass and low pass filter allows you to fine tune the grit and sputtering distortion this synth is capable of and always was. These are certainly not the only sounds it can make, but a finer point worth mentioning!


Mode Machines Juno-106 Filter has arrived...


This freestanding clone of the classic Roland Juno-106 filter arrived yesterday! 

Known for its smooth analog texture, you can simply plug any audio source into it and begin filtering.

It features the ability to switch from -12db to a -24db filter, giving you a different range of sonic possibility. It also has the ability to self-oscillate, making the filter sizzle, sting, zap, or plunge into deep bass. The cutoff frequency, resonance, and VCA can all be controlled externally via control voltage ports on the back. By processing a digital synth through this you can instantly warm the sound and have realtime control of the filter. Tracking vocals or drums could be interesting, or even having the filter on an aux send within your studio mixer or console.

Also compatible with Eurorack -/+5v standards. 

Purchase the Mode Machines Juno-106 Filter HERE.

The Rare Waves Grendel Formant Filter is here and it talks.

We just received our order of the new Rare Waves Grendel Formant Filter and it speaks volumes. Sorry, more bad jokes. Essentially it is a set of 4 bandpass filters intended to shape vowel sounds. Therefore it is a component of analog speech synthesis! Any audio can be fed through the Grendel and you can begin shaping the harmonic content into different ahhhh, eeeeee, ooooo, aiiiiiiiiii, yewwwww, whyyyyy sounds.  Bring CV control into the mix and you are set for some truly unique sounds. We are very happy to be carrying this unique filter! Currently we are jamming a Bassbot TT-303 through it and its making that squelchy acid bassline sound talk to us.

Click HERE for more info and purchasing!


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