Switched On Walk Through feat. TR-909 + Moog Ring Mod

A walk through of our store front in Austin, TX to allow you (the viewer) to quickly glance at some of our inventory. 
This week your hearing some in house recordings of a 909 and Moog Ring Mod at play!
If you see anything you would like to know more about please feel free to e-mail us at:
or Call us: (512) 782-8806 Noon-6pm (Central Standard Time)
Switched On buys, sells, repairs and restores all manners of musical, used, and vintage.
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Switched On Demos: Modified Moog Rogue meets the Rhythm King


We thought we would look into the interactivity of the Acetone Rhythm King drum machine and a Moog Rogue that we have modified.
These mods are readily available to your Moog Rogue or its Realistic branded equivelant the MG-1. 
For more information about modding your Rogue or MG-1 please contact us at:

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