Mode Machines Juno-106 Filter has arrived...


This freestanding clone of the classic Roland Juno-106 filter arrived yesterday! 

Known for its smooth analog texture, you can simply plug any audio source into it and begin filtering.

It features the ability to switch from -12db to a -24db filter, giving you a different range of sonic possibility. It also has the ability to self-oscillate, making the filter sizzle, sting, zap, or plunge into deep bass. The cutoff frequency, resonance, and VCA can all be controlled externally via control voltage ports on the back. By processing a digital synth through this you can instantly warm the sound and have realtime control of the filter. Tracking vocals or drums could be interesting, or even having the filter on an aux send within your studio mixer or console.

Also compatible with Eurorack -/+5v standards. 

Purchase the Mode Machines Juno-106 Filter HERE.

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