The Moog PolyMoog Synthesizer (203a), fully restored by Switched On

PolyMoog Synthesizers are rare to come by, and even more rare to find one working. Switched On's most excellent technicians have mastered bringing these rare and difficult to repair boards back to former glory. This one that just hit the sales floor is a good example. 

Few polyphonic synths sound like the PolyMoog, because few companies dared to design one as complex in this era of synthesizers. Notoriously temperamental and equally infamous for its rich sound, the PolyMoog offers a unique feature set. Its resonant equalizer section and Moog low pass filter allow the user shape the sound in subtle ways. It also has an excellent semi-weighted keyboard that has a rewarding tactile feel, very uncommong for synths of this era. 

Read more about the PolyMoog, view more photos, and purchase this one HERE.


Switched On Walk Through 8-3-2012

The walk through got spooky today with a Moog PolyMoog droning into the new Moog MF-104M Analog Delay.

Our walk through series typically are posted on Friday afternoons and highlight the wide array of different items that come in and out of our current floor inventory at 1111 E. 11th St. in Austin, TX.

If you are interested in anything you might see or hear, please contact us:
switchedonaustin@gmail.com or (512) 782-8806 Noon-6pm Central Standard Time

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