Rare Waves LITE2SOUND Kit

Everything is included in the LITE2SOUND kit to start hearing light except solder, battery, and your time!

It's no surprise that Rare Waves (Eric Archer's new company) is putting out another unique device. His Grendel Drone Commander, Eurorack Format Grendel Formant Filter, Rhythm Bots,  are previous examples of his cutting edge work. This time around he's created a kit of one of his early designs: LITE2SOUND. It uses a laser diode cell to take in different frequencies of light and output their pitch equivalents. This is different from a cadmium sulfide cell or photo cell in that close proximity to light is not an issue. Simply point it at any light source and begin hearing the strange textures and frequencies therein. 
Here is an awesome use of the LITE2SOUND kit using a strobe light to trigger a sequence in a Serge modular system. 

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The Rare Waves Grendel Formant Filter is here and it talks.

We just received our order of the new Rare Waves Grendel Formant Filter and it speaks volumes. Sorry, more bad jokes. Essentially it is a set of 4 bandpass filters intended to shape vowel sounds. Therefore it is a component of analog speech synthesis! Any audio can be fed through the Grendel and you can begin shaping the harmonic content into different ahhhh, eeeeee, ooooo, aiiiiiiiiii, yewwwww, whyyyyy sounds.  Bring CV control into the mix and you are set for some truly unique sounds. We are very happy to be carrying this unique filter! Currently we are jamming a Bassbot TT-303 through it and its making that squelchy acid bassline sound talk to us.

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Switched On/Last Dance present FREEEE WEEEEK w/ Silent Diane, Feathers, Boan, and Rare Species

Switched On/Last Dance present: Silent Diane, Feathers, Boan, and Rare Species playing at Mohawk January 12th!

Switched On and Last Dance present an Austin "Free Week" show at the Mohawk! 
Silent Diane
Rare Species

This is mountain of some of Austin's dark and dreamy synthesized pop. Not to be missed and it is F R E E. 



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