The Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90

Switched is now stocking the new Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 powered case for Eurorack modular! $230.00 gives you all you need to get started building your Eurorack modular system. This is great considering the entry fee to the wildly popular Eurorack modular format is considerably high. Best part about this design is that it is expandable. You can purchase high quality Pennsylvania cherry hardwood sides seperately to connect 2 individual Cell 90's, keeping it relatively inexpensive and easy to expand when the time comes. We at Switched On find this to be an excellent  design and step in the right direction for the Eurorack community. The Cell 90 allows the beginner to start a system without denting the bank account too severely! Read more about the Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 and purchase HERE.



The Arturia Mini-Brute is back in stock!

We've received our new order of the Arturia Minibrute! With it's complex modulation routings, thick analog sound, steiner-parker filter design, and $499.00 price point it's no wonder they flew off the shelves last time. 

For more info on the Arturia Minibrute and Purchasing click HERE or the photo! :-)


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