Switched On is Accepting Pre-orders for Moog's New Modular Systems

The word is out and Moog Music has announced they will be returning to their roots by re-introducing the legendary Moog Modular system!  Moog is re-creating the classic Systems 15, 35, and 55, in addition to a dual sequencer expander cabinet and a duophonic keyboard. Switched On is excited to offer Moog's new modular systems for pre-order. Shipping for the first orders will begin in Spring 2015 and continue throughout the rest of the year. A brand new Moog Modular system that is incredibly true to the componentry and circuit of the originals is something that no one would have thought possible a year ago. Although the price tag may seem intimidating by some standards they are still less expensive than the vintage systems.

We hope to help find this new generation of Moog modular systems happy homes. Switched On is run and owned by true modular fanatics and we have had experience playing with the original systems. If you are looking to make one of these yours, talk to a true synthesist at Switched On. Quantities are limited!

In addition to the announcement, Moog released a mini documentary discussing the history and relevance of the modular synthesizer. The video also features masters of the modular like Malcolm Cecil, Suzanne Ciani, Herb Deutsch, David Borden, Geddes Gengras, Holy Ghost, and more. Check it out:


To pre-order a Moog Modular system please CONTACT US to make arrangements payment and shipping arrangements. Or simply go through our webcart by following the links below:

Moog Modular System 15
Moog Modular System 35
Moog Modular System 55
Moog Modular Sequencer Complement B
Moog 962 Duophonic 61 Note Keyboard



The Arturia Mini-Brute is back in stock!

We've received our new order of the Arturia Minibrute! With it's complex modulation routings, thick analog sound, steiner-parker filter design, and $499.00 price point it's no wonder they flew off the shelves last time. 

For more info on the Arturia Minibrute and Purchasing click HERE or the photo! :-)

Moog releases teaser vid for their upcoming mono synth today! Synth pioneer Herb Deutsch presents it.

Herb Deutsch explains the new Moog synthesizer set to debut later this month.

Moog released a teaser video with synthesizer designer and pioneer Herb Deutsch presenting it. It sits out in the raw and unhoused as he demonstrates the features. As a "Moog Pro" dealer Switched On will be among the first places to carry the new model. We can't say very much about it yet, but we will say this: People will be very happy with the price point, and it has a very rich sound. One of our employees ventured to the Moog factory to demo it and had nothing but good things to say about the new design. Stay tuned for more info and Switched On will have it in stock very soon!



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