The R.A. Moog Model 10 Modular Synthesizer

Switched On recently restored a Moog Model 10 synthesizer. Before we sent it out the door we wanted to get a little bit of documentation to share. 

This system consists of a factory arrangement of modules for the System 10. Each module was produced from 1969-1971 in the Trumansburg, NY factory. 

It is very clear and immediate upon hearing the timbral quality of this system that everything described about the original Moog sound and the legendary 904a low-pass filter is true: lush, fat, warm, silky, harmonically vibrant, pure, etc. etc. One especially nice module that is included in this system is the Fixed Filter Bank. You can consider this to operate like an EQ with resonance! By driving up isolated harmonic bands pre-lowpass filter it adds a very pleasant sounding distortion that is unlike anything. You can hear it demonstrated in the first patch in this video. If you happen to have a MU or 5U modular system you can find recreations of the Fixed Filter Bank from and COTK. 
Enjoy this droney jam and a few other autonomous sound effect patches from a machine that changed the world.  
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"Nerd's Ascent" by

Nerd's Ascent from Portrait on Vimeo.

Our pal Ron Kurti aka came to Switched On looking to produce a video and song purely out of our current floor inventory. So, during the course of a night we shot his creation entitled "Nerd's Ascent", which is borrowed from the name of a patch on the Eventide Space reverb pedal. 

Director of Photography:
Audio Mastering:
Special thanks to Sarah, Chad, Eric, Michael, Eli and the whole Switched On Crew.

All sounds were recorded live at Switched On in Austin, Texas using new & vintage hardware synths & effects. The name "Nerd's Ascent" comes from the title of a patch on the amazing Eventide Space Reverb. Cast of characters: YAMAHA CS-40m, Moog Minimoog Voyager XL, YAMAHA YC-20 Combo Organ, Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo, Korg King Korg, Moog Sub Phatty, ARP Solus, Eventide Space Reverb, Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, Hohner Clavinet D6, Electro-Harmonix Q-TRON Envelope Filter, Moog MF-103 12-Stage Phaser, Moog Opus 3, Korg PME 40x Pedals, Moog Thermine Etherwave Plus, Cynthia Four Transients, Make Noise Rene, Make Noise Echophon, Bubblesound CVWS, Bubblesound VCOb, 4MS Quad Pingable LFO, 4MS Pingable Envelope Generator, 4MS VCA Matrix, Make Noise Function, Grendel Formant Filter, Livewire Dual Bissell Generator, Apple Macbook Pro, RME Fireface UC, Ableton Live 9.

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Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Block now in stock...

The Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Block is in stock and it sounds great. It is a semi-modular and 100% analog synth voice in a 28HP panel.  Each section of the voice can be treated as an independant module to interract with the rest of your system, or it can be an all-in-one synthesizer voice without any patching necessary. These are running for $299.99 which is an excellent value for what you get with this module. If you are just beginning a Euro system this is a good module to cover all of your basics and get immediate results without breaking the bank. Upon first play today we tried it as a stand alone mono-synth. It's character was warm and smooth, something more akin to vintage monosynths. Once we started patching it to other modules it became evident that the Pittsburgh Synth Block in a one row skiff with some interesting control modules can take you a long way without taking up valuable case space. Read more about the Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Block H E R E.



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