Switched On Walk Through feat. TR-909 + Moog Ring Mod

A walk through of our store front in Austin, TX to allow you (the viewer) to quickly glance at some of our inventory. 
This week your hearing some in house recordings of a 909 and Moog Ring Mod at play!
If you see anything you would like to know more about please feel free to e-mail us at:
or Call us: (512) 782-8806 Noon-6pm (Central Standard Time)
Switched On buys, sells, repairs and restores all manners of musical, used, and vintage.
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Switched On Demos: Roland TR-808 and Dotcom Modular system

Sarah and Eli improvise a bit using the 808's trigger out to the DotCom system's Envelope Generators. Pitch is controlled using an external Midi keyboard and the Midi to CV module. From there the CV signal is being multipled out to 4 Oscillators feeding into a mixer, which is then summing into the input of a Q107 State Variable Filter in Low Pass mode. 1 Oscillator is FM'ing the Linear frequency of another, adding those metallic sounds and interesting dissonance. 

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