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Synthesis 102 - Introduction to Eurorack Modular - Jan 28th at Noon

Synthesis 101 - Introduction to Synthesis - Feb 4 at Noon

Synthesis 102 - Introduction to Eurorack Modular - Feb 15 at 6pm

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Switched On is here to make mastering synthesis a little less daunting. We'll go over the basics of each part of a modern keyboard synth, discuss eurorack modular, and show how to make patches you can call your own.

This class is great for the beginner or anyone who'd like to learn a little more about what all those knobs and buttons really do. 

This is the first class in a series taught by John-Mike Reed, repair tech at Switched On and founder of Bleep Labs. He’s been teaching about DIY electronics, synthesis, Arduino, and more in Austin and beyond for almost 10 years. More into

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