Arp Explorer I

This Explorer I is fully functional and in great condition.  It has been modified in-house with inputs for CV & Trig.

The Explorer 1 is great sounding early model Arp synthesizer with the Moog filter design.  It features 4 selectable octave footages and 5 preset waveforms including pink noise,  24dB/oct low pass filter, ADSR, LFO, Repeat, and Vibrato.  Some what slept on, the Explorer I offers the classic Arp arp sound in a compact body with just enough flexibility to make the standard preset synth palette your own. 


  • Polyphony - Monophonic
  • Oscillators - 1 VCO (w/ sawtooth, square, narrow pulse and modulated-width pulse waveforms and Pink Noise generator)
  • LFO - 1 LFO with adjustable speed, depth and delay controls
  • Filter - 4-pole (24dB/oct) low pass filter with cutoff and resonance controls
  • VCA - 1 ADSR envelope
  • Keyboard - 37 keys
  • Effects - repeat, delayed vibrato, bender, portamento, and pitchbend
  • Date Produced - 1974 -1978
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