Arp Model 1613 Sequencer


This Arp Sequencer is fully functional and in excellent condition. Has been recently serviced, including new sliders. 


A classic sequencer of the 70's. This is not a synthesizer, it was (for its time) a sophisticated 16-step sequencer used to control other synths. You create your sequences with the sliders. Adjust the sliders to change pitch while each slider represents a sixteenth note, for example, in the 1 bar pattern it loops. It uses the ancient Control Voltage (CV) and Gate protocols to play your sequences on another analog synthesizer. Because of the various types of CV/Gate used by different makers at the time, the ARP Sequencer works perfectly with the ARP 2500, 2600, Odyssey, Avatar and other ARP synthesizers as well as Roland, Oberheim and Sequential Circuits. To interface the Sequencer with other types of CV/Gate capable synths would require a CV converter box.