Atari Video Music


The Atari Video Music is an analog audio visualizer produced by Atari in 1976. Originally marketed to accompany your home stereo system, it quickly caught on as tool used in music videos or video art. Simply plug in any audio source and begin tweaking the reactive shapes and colors for a wide array of possibilities.

All Atari Video Musics sold through Switched On have been uniquely modified to expand its use.  

Modifications include:

  • RCA video cable replaced with RCA jack
  • RCA L/R inputs multiplied with mono 1/4" jack
  • Stereo 3.5mm jack input
  • Distortion output (process external audio with a raw fuzz effect)
  • Power transformer replaced and mounted internally


Modifications include: 

  • 1/8 in. stereo input (for easy use with Ipods, Smartphones, etc.)
  • 1/4 in. inputs for left and right channel (affecting vertical and horizontal effects)
  • A unique distortion output (We discovered a unique circuit that behaves somewhat like a wave rectifier. Its character of distortion is totally unique)
  • A power cord with internal power transformer
  • A sturdy composite (RCA) video output

Factory Functions include:

  • Power: Turns unit on and off.
  • Shape (solid): Any imaged that is displayed will be solid
  • Shape (hole): One stereo channel controls the outside with a hole in the center controlled by the other stereo channel.
  • Shape (ring): Both stereo channels will represent 2 outline shapes that retain their thickness with the pulse of the music
  • Shape (auto): The system automatically cycles at random between the different Shape settings as well as the next 8 buttons:
  • Horizontal 1: Displays 1 generated image.
  • Horizontal 2: Displays 2 horizontal generated images
  • Horizontal 4: Displays 4 horizontal generated images
  • Horizontal 8: Displays 8 horizontal generated images
  • Vertical 1: Displays 1 generated image
  • Vertical 2: Displays 2 vertical generated images
  • Vertical 4: Displays 4 vertical generated images
  • Vertical 8: Displays 8 vertical generated images