Casio CZ-5000

This CZ-5000 is fully functional and in good condition. 

The Casio CZ-5000 is Casio's professional grade synthesizer within the CZ series. It offers 16 voice polyphony with 2 digital oscillators per voice using its distinct phase distortion digital synthesis.  Also, on board is an 8 track sequencer with up to 6400 notes that can be sequenced, this also comes in handy with MIDI.  Its sounds can be crystalline, metallic, percussive, and clangy...great for industrial and techno. Or it can also be used for smooth evolving pad sounds and punchy bass lines. You can consider the CZ-5000 two CZ-1000's stacked into one keyboard.  All of the parameters are adjustable and programmable with up to 32 user banks and 32 presets.