Electrix Warp Factory

This Warp Factory is fully functional and in very good condition.

Make any sound speak! Simply plug in a microphone to use the built in oscillator for the classic vocoder voice. Or combine any two signals to create human-like, 'intergalactic' sounds. How about using the WarpFactory to morph a signal with a keyboard for intense organic synth sounds. Combine our built in oscillator with vocals to produce "intergalactic" vocoder voices. Make your own noise sounds by using effect pedals and squelching it through the vocoder. Make the synthetic sound organic and the organic sound robotic. Experimentation is what it's all about.

  • 24 intelligent filter bands go beyond the old fixed band vocoders, delivering incredible sound clarity and ease of use. MIDI controlled vocoding, so you can automate and sequence every single control setting and movement.
  • Plug N' Play Our front panel mic input and built in oscillator equals plug n' play vocoding.
  • The Gender control changes the harmonic content of your formant. Bend from male to female without affecting the pitch.
  • WarpFactory can quickly achieve anything from classic vocoder sounds to warbling organic transformations to voice controlled "Filter" sweeps.
  • Ess on and Ess off instantly allows you to have crystal clear sibilance for intelligible vocals or no sibilance at all for a smoother more synthesized sound.
  • Formant freeze captures your sounds so you can sustain your signal forever.
  • Low-pass and high-pass filters optimize the signal for voice or non-voice inputs.
  • A Mic bypass on the back panel allows you to toggle between effected and unaffected vocals.