Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp Deluxe


This Wasp Deluxe is fully functional and in excellent condition inside and out! 

Wasp Deluxe (released 1979) - Which had all the features of the original, plus a standard 3-octave keyboard, wood panels, an oscillator mixer, an external audio-input, a larger built-in speaker, and battery operation. It was definitely redesigned for the practical musician. 

About the Wasp:

The WASP is monophonic and powered by two digital oscillators supported by analog filters, envelopes and controls. This makes it one of the earliest compact digital/analog hybrid mono-synths, and it sounds great! The Wasp offers flexible subtractive synthesis. It's pretty easy to dial up some cool bass, synth, and other classic monophonic sounds. Its designer, Chris Hugget, also designed the Oxford Synthesizer Company's venerable OSCar Synthesizer.