Faderfox LD2


This used Faderfox LD2 is fully functional and in very good condition.

  • Special controller for jump free control of continuing parameters (optimized for Ableton Live)
  • Easy plug & play for Live by loading the setup files for Ableton Live as of version 4.1 (are shipped with the controller)
  • Independent of operating system and computer type (PC or Mac) due to the midi interface (no driver necessary)
  • 16 push encoders - switchable to 6 groups
  • Different push button modes - CC toggle, note commands like a midi keyboard, acceleration function by holding down the push buttons
  • Programmable are rotarymode (absolute/relative), CC/note number (in groups of 16 ascending numbers), acceleration function...
  • Track select with two buttons for the Live-modes 1-track-control and 4-track-control (also remote control by LV2/LX2/LC2)
  • 12 setup memorys to store the programmings
  • Parameter feedback of button statuses and CC-values are indicated by encoder-LED’s and a 13-part-LED-bar
  • Independent power supply by standard or rechargeable batteries 3 x AA cell, lifetime about 30 to 60 hours
  • Powersave mode after 10 minutes of the last movement (flash light)
  • LED battery control
  • Socket for an optional external power adaptor (4.5-6V DC - min. 100 mA)
  • Midi-merge function
  • Very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format 180x105x70 mm, 450 g)
  • Silver aluminium front plate with anodised coating (abrasion resistant) and inscriptions
  • 36 LED's in different colors to display various information (low basic lights of all LED’s for better orientation in dark club atmosphere)
  • Expandable system by other micromodul controllers (easy chaining by midi connections)
  • Compatible to the 1st/2nd micromodul line (same cc/note numbers like LV1, LX1, LV2, LX2, LC2)

    System requirements

  • PC or Mac with a free USB port (1.0 or higher) or any USB hub
  • Ableton Live (as of version 4.1) or software which allows user assignments of continuous parameters (CC) and note commands