Gleeman Pentaphonic


This very rare Pentaphonic is fully functional and in exceptional condtion. It it extremely well taken care of. There is a little masking tape on one of the sides, that could come off with a little elbow greese. 


The Pentaphonic is a five-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer released in 1982. It was designed by brothers Al and Bob Gleeman and featured three DCOs for a stable and juicy analog sound. The Pentaphonic was in the running against such classics as the Sequential Prophet-5, Moog Minimoog and Polymoog, and the Oberheim 4-Voice. But the Gleeman Pentaphonic (and the Pentaphonic Clear) are extremely rare! Only about 30 Pentaphonics and 20 Pentaphonic Clears were ever made.

In addition to three oscillators per voice, the Pentaphonic has a four-pole lowpass resonant filter with an ADSR envelope, a VCA with ADSR, an LFO, and built-in chorusing (slow or fast). There is also a handy 300-note capacity sequencer on-board for simple real-time recordings that you can play along with. There's also a cool X/Y joystick for controlling pitch and mod effects. Some models also had a Presetter added which gave it 100 patch memories and eight digital waveforms.