Korg Trident

This Trident is fully functional and in very good condition.

The Trident is an analog programmable polyphonic synthesizer with 3 sections including Snthesizer, Brass, and String section.  The Synthesizer features 2 VCOs, a resonant low pass filter, 2 ADSR envelope generators.  The Brass section features 16' and 8' octave footage selectors, a resonant low pass filter and single ADSR envelope.  The String section features 16', 8', and 4' octave footage selectors, 2 band EQ, vibrato, and AR envelope generator.  All three sections can be passed through the onboard Flanger effect and mixed together for a very rich, grand, analog sound.  

Other features include 32 patches of memory, 3 preset sounds, LFO, modulation joystick with pitch modulation and bend control,  individual and mix outputs, independant VCF FM in for Synthe and Brass sections, individual expression inputs, total expression input, and tape memory in/out.