Lexicon Prime Time II Model 95 Digital Delay


This vintage Model 95 is fully functional and in good condition. Has a small chip on the "B" knob as seen in the photo. No power button - Internal PSU switch is always on. 

Awesome delay!

The Lexicon Prime Time II Model 95 is a digital delay processor that has both delay and reverb like tones in its capability. It has XLR inputs and outputs. 

The general configuration of the Prime Time II is pretty easy to follow, but because there are so many different options and parameters, it takes a bit to figure out exactly what everything does. It has two groups of five sliders - one for input mix and one for output mix. It also has four knobs for LFO controls, including ones for manual sweep, depth, shape and rate. It then has a slew of other controls and an LED window. It is easy to get a quick sound from this, but you can also sit there and twiddle with it for a while if you'd like, as there are a ton of different sounds that this can get.