Moog Polymoog


Few polyphonic synths sound like the Polymoog, because few companies dared to design one as complicated. Notoriously temperamental and equally infamous for its rich sound, the Polymoog offers a unique feature set. Its resonant equalizer section and Moog low pass filter allow the user shape the sound in subtle ways. It also has an excellent semi-weighted keyboard that has a rewarding tactile feel, very uncommong for synths of this era. 

The Polymoog has a 71-note weighted Pratt & Reed touch-sensitive keyboard divided into 3 sections with a volume slider for each. It also has a 3-band resonant graphic EQ section, which can changed to be low/bandpass/high pass. The Moog designed 24 db filter section allows modulation modulated from its own envelopes, low frequency oscillation and sample and hold circuit. Ranks and waveforms of all notes are also adjustable combining waveforms, octaves, tunings, and their own independent LFO rates and amounts. Though the user can adjust the instrument's sounds, it offers presets named "strings", "piano", "organ", "harpsichord", "funk", "clav", "vibes", and "brass". Presets were factory created as physical circuit cards and may be modified for live performance using Var(iation) buttons and triggering a red dot next to the preset number in the display. However the changes cannot be stored internally.

This Polymoog is has been fully serviced and plays fantastically. Legs are included (not pictured), but only have one of the braces to secure the legs from moving. This is not an issue if well placed in a cozy studio. Also included is the quintessential poly expression pedals. This allows full control over the pitch, filtering, volume, and modulation from the expression pedal. 

Polyphony: 71 (Maximum range of keyboard) 
Timbrality: Monotimbral 
Oscillators: 2 VCOs 
Synthesis type: Analog Subtractive
Filter: Low-pass filter, high-pass filter
1 Memory 8 presets (Polymoog) 14 presets (Polymoog Keyboard) 
Effects: 3-band EQ 
Keyboard: 71 keys, velocity, split 
External Control CV/gate