Oberheim DX + Electrongate MIDI & Walnut End Panels

This DX is fully functional and in very good condition. This DX includes the Electrongate MIDI upgrade with solid walnut end panels.

The DX is a classic EPROM sample based drum machine from the early 80's that can be found all over pop, R&B, and hip-hop records of the era.  It features 6 voices with 18 drum sounds, individual tuning knobs, Stereo/Mono/Individual outputs, Clock In/Out, and MIDI In/Out.   The sequencer is easy to operate and can hold 100 sequences, and 50 songs to internal memory, with a Tape Memory interface.

The Electrongate upgrade adds MIDI input and output capability and additional clocking options to your DX. The DX will send and receive MIDI note-on/note-off messages, system exclusive sequence dump messages and MIDI clock, song select, start and stop messages. MIDI input and output jacks are added to the right side panel of the DX and a circuit board is installed inside.

This interface will make your DX functionally equivalent to the Oberheim DXa.