RML FX Hyde Distortion Filter

This HDF is fully functional, in excellent condition, and includes it's power supply.

The Hyde Distortion Filter is taken directly from the Jekyll n Hyde Dual filter box and cast into a durable aluminum pedal enclosure. This is a distortion box with an active Low Pass (Diode Ladder) Filter and enhanced resonant feedback. A very slow drifting LFO modulates the filter frequency.

2.0 has bunch more CV flexibility.

  • An inverted LPF control. Send a positive saw tooth wave and the response will be in reverse.
  • Resonance control for those deep clamped down filter harmonics.
  • A low cut (HPF) to sweep out the low end for creative mixing and layering.
  • Mid range distortion enhancement. Makes the distortion more dominating
  • Each new CV has a corresponding responsive LED.

I’ve also added a distortion bypass toggle to provide an alternative clean input to the filter.

“Active” LED is responsive to input signal. Active LED is bypassed when clean input is enabled.

The Hyde Distortion filter is perfect for creating dark textures and soundscapes. Tune the resonant feedback to match your harmonic droning or wall of noise. Use two boxes to create deep stereo textures. Turn a synth with no personality into a monster.