Roland JX-3P


This JX-3P is fully functional and in great condition. It has been modified with a 1/4" footswitch input to control the LFO on/off. 

The JX-3P is a six voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a single slider editing interface.  It features 2 digitally controlled oscillators with sync and cross-mod, sawtooth, square, pulse waveforms,  a noise generator, 1 LFO, 1 ADSR and a 24dB OTA based (IR3109) Lowpass filter.  It has 32 factory and 32 user writable patches of memory and a built-in 128-step polyphonic sequencerer with external trigger input.

Its architecture is similar to that of the Juno series synthesizers produced around the same time. Both machines employ the same interval-timer DCO technology, have a single digitally generated envelope generator, the Roland IR3109 low-pass filter, a discrete VCA, and on-board stereo chorus effect. The Juno line had only a single DCO (with sub-oscillator) per voice, while the JX-3P had two distinct DCOs with detuning and several cross-modulation modes. Also unlike the Juno, the JX-3P allows the pitch of either oscillator to be controlled by its envelope generator.