Roland TR-808 Modified

This vintage TR-808 is fully functional and in good condition. This unit has been modified with extra control knobs - pitch for the snare, decay/VCA open for the clap, and pitch for both of the cowbell's oscillators. 

The Roland TR-808 is one of the most influential and sought after drum machines of all time.  A true classic whose sounds have impacted multiple genres including Electro, House, Hip Hop, Bounce, Bass, Juke, Techno, Pop, and more. 

The TR-808 uses analog synthesis to generate all of it's sounds and features a16-step sequencer, individual outputs for every sound, 3 programable trigger outputs (CB, CP, & AC), and DIN sync Input or Ouput.  It's Memory is capable of storing up to 64 sequences and 12 songs.

Sounds include: Kick, Snare, Low/Mid/Hi Toms, Low/Mid/Hi Congas, Rimshot, Claves, Hand clap, Maracas, Cow bell, Cymbal, Open Hi-Hat, Closed Hi-Hat, and Accent.  Many of the sounds are tuneable and include envelope control. 

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