Sequential Circuits Six Trak

This Six Trak is fully functional and in good condition with some chipping detailed in the photos.

The Six Trak is rich 6-voice analog poly synth with an optional mono/unison mode that stacks all 6 voices. Its sounds are similar to other Sequential Circuits synths in that is uses Curtis chips. There is one knob to adjust parameters that are selectable via number pad and referencing the graph printed on the front panel. It is not ideal for programming, but it is capable of an array of useful leads, basses, pads, and effects. Nowadays there are MIDI programmers for Ipad or PC that add real time programmability.

The Six Trak has up to 100 memory slots for storing your patches and features a 6 track, 800 note onboard sequencer with 2 banks for songs--not the most expansive but fun for sound doodling. One of the most interesting features is "Stack Mode". In this feature you can assign up to 6 different patches to one g i a n t sounding monophonic patch, a feature that is not found in any other synthesizer of its time and class.  

  • Polyphony - 6 Voice Polyphony and 6 part Multitimbral
  • Oscillators - 6 VCO's (sawtooth, triangle, variable width)
  • Memory - 100 patches
  • Filter - 24 dB/oct lowpass w/ ADSR envelope
  • VCA - Standard ADSR
  • LFO - Yes
  • Keyboard - 48 keys
  • Arpeg/Seq - Arpeggiator (up/down) and 2-Track sequencer (up to 800 notes)
  • Control - MIDI (all parameters are midi controllable)
  • Date Produced - 1984