Steiner-Parker Synthacon

This Synthacon is fully functional, recently serviced, and in very good condition.  Service includes being full recapped, all pots and switches cleaned, and tuned & scaled.  It has a rebuilt power cable and includes a Cinch Jones to 1/4" female jack for S-Trig in.

The Synthacon is rare and exceptional sounding 3 oscillator mono synth from the late 70's.  It features switch based modulation routing with CV & Gate from the top.  The signature Steiner Parker VCF offers rich filtering with powerful resonance and the 3 VCOs provide for stable robust sound source.  

The modulation section consists of the Dual Envelope Generator, Trigger Generator, and Sample & Hold section.  The Trigger generator is a square wave LFO capable of cycling the Envelope Generator. The Sample & Hold is fed by VCO 3 which allows you to route Noise as well as any of the waveforms for processing and can be triggered from either the Trigger Generator or the S-Trig input.   Also any of the VCOs can used in the LFO range.

VC IN 1 is routed throught the S&H section, VC IN 2 is the standard 1v/Oct input, VCF IN is the CV input for filter cutoff, SIG IN routes external signals through the filter, and the Trig in is routed from the Cinch Jones port.