Synthesis 102 - Introduction to Eurorack Modular - Feb 25


The Switched On Austin Modular Academy presents

Synthesis 102 - Introduction to Eurorack Modular

Feb 25th - Noon at Switched On

Have you been wanting to get into modular synthesis but don’t know where to begin?

In this class we’ll demystify the wall of wires and knobs by breaking everything down into simple building blocks. From there we'll show you how to make your own patches, whether they be noisy, melodic, ambient, or beyond. 

Key topics:

  • Eurorack standards. Voltages and module types
  • Overview of the basic blocks of synthesis. Getting the most out of a small modular setup using midi and audio inputs. 
  • How to use seemingly simple modules in interesting ways

This is the second class in our Austin Modular Academy series. Though there are no prerequisites for it, it is encouraged that you attend our Intro To Synthesis course before this one. 

The class will be taught by John-Mike Reed, repair tech at Switched On as well as founder of Bleep Labs.