Wurlitzer 206A

This 206A is fully functional and in excellent condition. It comes with a sustain pedal and new legs.

After chopping this former student model piano and installing a Warneck Research amplifier board ($389 value!), our expert piano tech adjusted the reeds and fine tuned the keyboard action for the smoothest, most dynamic sound. This one is SUPER CLEAN.

Warneck amps feature a redesigned and improved power amplifier which has an extremely low noise floor- no more hiss, buzz, hum or radio interference (RF) noise. A selectable variable or fixed line-output has been added which is ideal for studio recording or plugging straight into your favorite amplifier. These are so quiet you can max the volume and barely tell its powered on!

Used in most genres of music and known for its bright, clear tone, the Wurlitzer 200-series pianos have become the professional standard. A good Wurli' is hard to find and Switched On aims to bring you only the best.

Shipping for Wurlitzer and Rhodes pianos is via freight and thus only available to customers in the domestic 48 states. Pallet freight shipping ensures that your piano will arrive in the exact same condition as when it left our shop.