Switched On is Accepting Pre-orders for new Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20M Kit, and Korg SQ-1

Exciting announcements are pouring out of NAMM every hour! One of the most anticipated announcements of the year is the new Arp Odyssey being re-released by Korg.

For those unfamiliar the Arp Odyssey is a 2 oscillator duophonic analog monosynth that debuted in 1972. It was one of the most popular and revered monosynths of its time and was a direct competitor with the Moog Minimoog Model D. In recent years they have been very sought after and prices have climbed for the originals. So it is very exciting to see Korg continue on the path to making re-releases of some of our favorite synthesizers ever made.  The new Odyssey was carefully re-designed with select components to match the character of the original, however it added some significant features for a new generations...

New features include....

  • All 3-filter revisions from each era of original Odyssey manufacturing. 
  • A new drive switch for distorted filter sound.
  • Midi and USB
  • 86% the size of the original
  • A hardcase and patch cables

You can read more about the new Arp Odyssey and pre-order HERE. Switched On will have a limited quantity of the MKIII black & orange style very soon!

MS-20M Kit + SQ-1

Among other announcements from Korg they are now offering the MS-20 as a desktop module kit called the Korg MS-20M. Aside from a new form factor the MS-20M offers many new features that have been lacking on previous incarnations of the Korg MS-20 (Vintage), MS-20mini, MS-20 Kit. To get these features always required custom modification by an experience tech. Now the MS-20 is better than ever before. Check it out...

New features include:

  • SYNC ON/OFF switch allows oscillator sync
  • FM ON/OFF switch allows frequency modulation 
  • FILTER TYPE switch selects two filter types 
  • PWM IN jack allows pulse width modulation  
  • EG2 NORMAL OUT expands your sonic possibilities 
  • TRIG SW button is a convenient way to audition the sound 
  • Supports all CV/GATE specifications: Hz/V and V/Oct, S-Trig and V-Trig
  • Three JUNCTION jacks
  • MIDI IN connector and USB MIDI connector 

To make the package even better Korg is including the recently announced Korg SQ-1 sequencer and wooden side paneling with the MS-20M Kit! That way you can begin playing your new MS-20M directly after the very easy assembly and look classy while doing it. 

To read more about the Korg MS-20M Kit + SQ-1 and pre-order click HERE.

Aside from synths Korg also announced a feature rich and affordable sequencer: The Korg SQ-1. This is included with the aforementioned MS-20M Kit, but is also available seperately for a very reasonable $99.00. You can lock down one for yourself by pre-ordering HERE. 
Specs include:
Sequence Step Resolution: quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes
CV OUT Pitch: Linear, Minor, Major, Chromatic
CV OUT Voltage: 1V, 2V, 5V (Oct) 8V (Hz/V)
GATE OUT Polarity + (positive polarity), - (negative polarity)
SYNC IN/OUT Polarity + (rise), - (fall)
- littleBits OUT jack (mini monaural phone jack)
- OUT (MIDI OUT) jack (mini stereo phone jack)
- CV - A OUT - GATE jack (mini monaural phone jack, CV OUT : Output Level 1V, 2V, 5V, 8[Hz/V], GATE OUT: output level 10V)
- CV - BOUT - GATE jack (mini monaural phone jack, CV OUT : Output Level 1V, 2V, 5V, 8[Hz/V], GATE OUT: Output Level 10V)
- IN – SYNC – OUT jack (mini monaural phone jack, SYNC IN: Max Input Level 20V, SYNC OUT: Output Level 5V)
- USB jack (type B, USB MIDI)


Switched On is Accepting Pre-orders for Moog's New Modular Systems

The word is out and Moog Music has announced they will be returning to their roots by re-introducing the legendary Moog Modular system!  Moog is re-creating the classic Systems 15, 35, and 55, in addition to a dual sequencer expander cabinet and a duophonic keyboard. Switched On is excited to offer Moog's new modular systems for pre-order. Shipping for the first orders will begin in Spring 2015 and continue throughout the rest of the year. A brand new Moog Modular system that is incredibly true to the componentry and circuit of the originals is something that no one would have thought possible a year ago. Although the price tag may seem intimidating by some standards they are still less expensive than the vintage systems.

We hope to help find this new generation of Moog modular systems happy homes. Switched On is run and owned by true modular fanatics and we have had experience playing with the original systems. If you are looking to make one of these yours, talk to a true synthesist at Switched On. Quantities are limited!

In addition to the announcement, Moog released a mini documentary discussing the history and relevance of the modular synthesizer. The video also features masters of the modular like Malcolm Cecil, Suzanne Ciani, Herb Deutsch, David Borden, Geddes Gengras, Holy Ghost, and more. Check it out:


To pre-order a Moog Modular system please CONTACT US to make arrangements payment and shipping arrangements. Or simply go through our webcart by following the links below:

Moog Modular System 15
Moog Modular System 35
Moog Modular System 55
Moog Modular Sequencer Complement B
Moog 962 Duophonic 61 Note Keyboard



Moog Werkstatt-01 CV Expander

Now you can easily interface your Werkstatt with your other analog gear!

Moog's CV Expander allows your Werkstatt to play nicely with outboard sequencers and Eurorack modules. It is a simple PCB that plugs into the Werkstatt's patch bay header and gives you an 1/8" (3.5mm) jack for each connection in the patch bay. It affixes to the synth's chassis with two screws (included). Don't wait! Incorporate your Werkstatt into your analog workflow! 


New Free Theremini Patch Editor

Moog Music recently announced the release of a new Moog Theremini patch editor for iPad. This new app is free and fully unlocks the synthesis capabilities of the Moog Theremini. The Moog Theremini released earlier this year incorporates the same analog proximity control of classic theremins with a new synthesis engine familiar to those who have experimented with the Animoog app for Apple iOS devices. You can read more about the Moog Theremini and purchase one HERE


The Moog Theremini Advanced Software Editor allows you to access new layers of the Theremini’s synthesis engine, so you can tweak presets and create new ones. The Editor also includes an exclusive library of new presets to kick-start your creative process.
  • Create new presets
  • Edit existing presets
  • Craft new sounds in real-time while playing your Moog Theremini
  • Create or edit preset libraries with built in Library Manager
  • Unlimited preset storage
  • Share libraries of sounds via email or iTunes file sharing
  • Edit the Theremini’s global settings
  • Built in Editor User Manual, Theremini User Manual, and Quick Start Guide
  • Simple drag-and-drop preset library
  • Quick Save for instantly editing an existing sound
  • Note: This application does not make sound by itself. It is an editor librarian app for the Moog Theremini. To use this app, the user must have a Lightning to USB host adapter (for iPads with Lightning connector) or the Apple Camera Connection Kit (for iPads with 30pin connector) and a mini USB cable.
The Editor is a free download via the App Store.

Arturia MicroBrute SE Now In Stock

The first wave of MicroBrutes was an immense success for Arturia. The MicroBrute is distilled from the best features of it's older brother the Minibrute with the addition of a sequencer, semi-modular connectivity, and a very friendly price point. Now the Arturia MicroBrute Special Edition is out with new colors, an included soft case carrying bag, and 4 stackable cables for more advanced patches. They cost $329.00 and are only available in limited quantities. Click HERE to scoop one up before they are gone!


New Arrivals & Top Picks

Here are a few hand-picked items that arrived recently. All items seen below are available to purchase online. All used or vintage items are fully functional and have seen recent servicing if needed. We ship internationally and are happy to answer any questions in regard to an item. Please feel free to e-mail us or call (512) 782-8806 during shop hours. 12pm-6pm, Tues-Sun, Central Standard Time.  

Roland System-100M 3-Voice Set                                                                                         Price: $3,300.00

Crumar DS-2 Digital Synthesizer                                                                                         Price: $1,499.00


Moog MultiMoog                                                                                                                          Price: $1,850.00


Moog Sonic Six                                                                                                                                       Price: $2,500.00


Oberheim Matrix-1000                                                                                                                         Price: $499.00

Oberheim OB-Xa                                                                                                                                Price: $3,600.00

Korg DVP-1                                                                                                                                        Price:  $399.00

Akai MPC60 w/ SD Storage                                                                                             Price: $1,299.00

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak                                                                                          Price: $695.00

Roland SDD-320 Dimension D                                                                                                      Price: $999.00

Univox Phazer PHZ-1                                                                                                                    Price: $199.00

TAMA Techstar TS 305                                                                                                            Price: $299.00

The Korg PS-3200

Switched On currently has a fully serviced Korg PS-3200 Polyphonic Synthesizer available. The PS-3200 is a 48-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with patch memory and semi-modular architecture. These synthesizers are extremely rare so we thought we would share some of it's sounds with the world. These are only a few patches within a vast system of sonic possibility, but it should give you a glimpse at the tonality and function. Enjoy!

You can read more about the Korg PS-3200 HERE. If you are interested in purchasing the Korg PS-3200 please contact us with inquiries. 

Vintage Synthesizers at Switched On

If you are looking for a vintage, rare, or unique synthesizer Switched On is the place. We are staffed by skilled technicians that specialize in restoring vintage synthesizers. When you buy a vintage synthesizer from Switched On you will know that it has been inspected, restored, burned in, and played by true synthesizer pros. If you are unsatisfied with an item we offer an 11-day full money back guaranteed return policy. 

Switched On currently has an incredible selection of vintage synthesizers. Here is a glimpse at some of the most noteworthy, rare, and desirable synths in all of the land. You can read more about and purchase any of these items simply by clicking on the image or title. All items have been inspected and serviced by our talented technician staff and any item can be shipped. Questions? Contact us!

EMS VCS3 "Putney" MKII                                                                                 
Price: $13,000.00

Korg PS-3200                                                                                                               
Price: $12,000.00

Only 50 of these hand-built monsters were ever made by Korg. The PS-3200 is a 48 voice polyphonic synthesizer from 1977. It has semi-modular architecture and also has patch memory!

Oberheim FVS-1 Four-Voice                                         
Price: $7,500.00

Oberheim OB-Xa                      
Price: $3,600.00

Oberheim Xpander 
Price: $2,850

Sequential Circuits T8
Price: $5,500.00

Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Price: $1,600.00

Yamaha CS-60                                                                          
Price: $3,600.00


Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter & MPG-80

Moog MultiMoog
Price: $1,850.00

Yamaha CS-01 with MIDI
Price: $399.00


Ensoniq ESQ-1
Price: $295.00








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